My toe may be poised above the stream but my head has fallen in the ocean

Okay so I ran through the house from the fourth person to do something for another person and another for the second person yet another for a third person, came back around and did another thing for the first person and did something for the fourth person and finally came back to the fifth who I was with in the beginning and who had patience to wait and keep ‘Masterchef’ on pause from the DVR while I remade my younger son’s bed and got him something to eat, gave medicine to my other son and something to eat, added air to his air bed and gave him directions to reset a password on a game site, ran outside to bring in the garbage cans and had a quick word with our lovely neighbor, came inside and was totally blind from standing in the sun and my eyes didn’t adjust fast enough that I ran into a wall before making it outside in the backyard to find my mom and then back inside to un-pause the television! Oh and I broke up a tiff our male cats were having, cleaned up the rug of their crumbs from their snack and added more food all around their favorite spots.  I missed something but it will hit me later! My fingers itch to edit my book….oh! My younger son wanted a hug! Must go back and do that! Book has to wait, love comes first. 🙂 then television for time with mom. Oh! Got to check younger son’s arms for reactions to allergy shots today. And get the clothes out of the washer into the dryer and refill the washer but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I hear the ice plant flowers calling my name saying, “Please don’t forget to water us!” and the “Red Hot Sallies” are calling me too! Ah!

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