Saturday Rant, Oops, Yummy and Things I forgot

Italian Rum cake, what an interesting experience. I do not like nuts in food except for Snicker candy bars. And Snicker ice cream bars.I love nuts by themselves though. This came with a soft white frosting most similar to whipped cream without a super sweet flavor, just perfect. Slivered almonds decorated the outside bottom and were sprinkled on the top in the center of a little rosette of frosting. Not buttercream! Rum isn’t a flavor I am familiar with but this white cake was infused with it’s flavor and after a few bites my senses began to settle down and I enjoyed it. And I didn’t drop it on the way back to the fridge either! Kudos for me. I have been known to drop cakes and in my mind I call myself ‘the cake dropper’ but that’s a secret!  I went grocery shopping today and messed around on Facebook and never once did I open my book for editing! Shame on me. Truly. It is so important to me, very much so but it is sadly, very easy to lose hours of time on that site trying to fill requests for assorted games. I have my Prologue and first two chapters out with a friend who is reading it for me.  That’s why I’m on Facebook to check back and see if he’s written me back. 🙂 Hot day but I still need to get outside and repair the thing that attaches to the camper shell that blocks out air/dirt/stuff from where the camper shell glass meets the tail gate. The black double sided tape didn’t work so let’s see if this white foam double sided tape works or if it just melts off like the other. THEN I will edit. Must edit! I’ve attached a photo of the cake. Nice way to spend a Saturday, chopping up steak for my boys, and other little things. Had “Shallow Hal” running in the background, which is always a pleasure. “Minute to Win It” was on last night but I paid more attention to it then my computer so that show won’t work for my background noise that entertains a part of my ADD brain. While I was driving around town I sang songs from The Movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’. I have to be doing at least two things to be happy. Dang image won’t leave my phone! Boo!

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