Grab free ebooks, “Kevin and the Seven Lions”, a ramble or too and a chance to edit books?

I have added two new book reviews that can be found here:

And I’ve got a great list of free ebooks from Amazon I compile myself and they are books I have chosen to read. Please note there are several books on this list without reviews. I posted the ones without reviews (HELP A FELLOW AUTHOR OUT WITH A REVIEW ON AMAZON) directly to Facebook earlier today.

Do you like reviewing books? Check this out:

I’m a crazy ‘Harry Potter’ fan and my youngest son and I are watching the second movie, ‘Chamber of Secrets’ and I always have fun watching something with him.  He received his Kingdom Hearts Sora figure today and the first thing he did was accidentally break the key blade. This figure cost over fifty bucks so I put the broken pieces in a bag to save for later even though I spent more than thirty minutes trying to get the tiny pieces back together.  As soon as the movie is over, I’m on to editing my first book, “Altered Futures, Guardian Warriors, The LightMate Series Book One”. Yeah that title has got to be shortened!

Ramble: Why can one phone call totally change the tone of the day not just for one person but a household of five? I rather wish it was someone trying to sell me plastic baggies than the Dr. calling about something wrong with someone.

One important note, book 1, “Kevin and the Seven Lions” is available from Amazon today for free so make sure you get over there and check it out! Here is the URL:

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