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EXTRA for Tuesday 8/6/13

8/6/13 2nd post, my little “EXTRA!”

I watched ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Siberia’ and while watching, I searched through Amazon for a few books and got a bigger list than expected.  So here’s an EXTRA dose of me, with lots of free ebooks from Amazon!  Please  watch my notes and notice there are a few “HELP AN AUTHOR WITH A REVIEW” that cost money and some that don’t.  I am PST in the United States. Happy Reading!

Oh! I just got our mail and today we got our Goodreads Giveaway copy of

And it’s a signed copy! Thank you to the marvelous author, Martin Tiller!

Check out the added books at



I am a caretaker, a single mom of two boys, I have depression, I'm a survivor and a writer, love to read, write reviews and find great books, post to twitter asking for reviews on books that have 0 and enter giveaways. I am flawed! Tattooed! I have Myasthenia Gravis. But I'm alive and happy.

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