Tuesday, My view on Giveaways, a new book review and FREE ebooks from Amazon.com

Tuesday! 8/6/13
This is the last week before school starts for both my boys so we are enjoying every minute together!

My FREE book choices from Amazon.com are here! https://nightshadelane.com/free-ebooks-from-amazon

Update on Giveaways here! https://nightshadelane.com/sites-for-readers-and-writers-free-ebooks-giveaways/

A new BOOK REVIEW, “Eggtooth” by Solla Carrock is here! https://nightshadelane.com/fair-and-bluntly-honest-book-reviews/

I wanted to rant about Giveaways. Here it is:

Giveaways: I love Goodreads giveaways because you just have to click a few times and your entry is done. Then there are giveaways that use Rafflecopter and it drives me a bit nutty to go through all the things on the list to get an entry into that giveaway. You can be asked to like a page on Facebook, follow someone or several people on Twitter, become a fan of someone or several people on Goodreads and more. After you have registered with Goodreads, your address is in the system and you select where you want the book shipped, should you be the lucky winner. It’s the easiest giveaway I have found.

Then there was this one giveaway that I totally got lost in. The person said they were unable to host it on Goodreads so they were doing it through YouTube. Needless to say, I couldn’t follow all the videos to enter that particular giveaway.

There are giveaways on some blogs and rules you follow are set on the blog.

And I want to leave you with this URL to check out!


And as a mom, I must advise: News:

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