Wednesday 8/7/13 Crazy cats and loads of books

Help an author with a review is now located on it’s own page! Remember some have prices but I try my best to find free ones.


Free ebooks from Amazon has been updated today, lots of goodies!

Then one of our cats went plain bonkers and zoomed around the house after all the other cats now he tuckered himself out and is sleeping!

Today is a crazy day. Next week today my youngest will be back in school and I’ll be back on the road driving to and from his school daily. Watching cows, corn grow, the trees grow and all the cool things you see along the freeway on my route to and from his school.  My older son starts school next Tuesday, a day ahead of my younger son.  Our household will be going through tons of changes in the next couple weeks. I hope it evens out quickly.  Maybe I can edit sometime soon to ease the stress of what is to come! Eid is celebrated tomorrow and my children’s father wants to take them out, ‘as a family’ but our older son doesn’t go out and especially doesn’t go out to see his father anymore now that he has a choice. Life can be harder than it appears to be on the surface.

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