A revised review for Seecrets and a few free books

I looked at my two star review of the book ‘Seecrets’ By Jon Jacks and I read the book and completely did a turn around. After I understood what the tempo was in reading this book as each sentence was just that, a sentence, no paragraphs.

Here is the link for the free book,there are two reviews, one is mine BEFORE I changed it to full stars.

REVIEW: The 0 out of 2 people found my review helpful was my previous two star review. I understand now that I have fully read this book. I wrote a review for this book giving it two stars. I did say I couldn’t finish it so I went back and finished it. After every single sentence is a space. No paragraphs. That threw me off but if you think of it as a story and poem all in one, it’s a very good book. Worth way more than a measly two stars! You’ve got your main character, May, a seer, she casts runes, reads tarot cards for love advice for fellow classmates, at least by chapter nine and she reads the I Ching Hexagrams. At first Sammy, the hot girl in school wanted May around because it felt cool to have her tell the futures of things. But Sammy is one of those girls that expect everything to go their way, no matter what. When the point comes that May has a prediction of sorts that the latest eye candy Sammy wants won’t want her, Sammy decides that May isn’t cool enough anymore. And whatever Sammy thought, the rest of the school would follow suit. People ponder whether May could be a witch, her predictions usually did come true. It even made May herself doubt herself and frustrated that she could not see or predict her own future. She turned inward trying to understand how her prophecies worked for others and not her, was it her energy changing things or just life in general working out that way? She started thinking so hard at times, staring at others trying to answer her own questions that she became the ‘quiet girl’, the outcast. Then she see’s death for all those around her and no matter how many times she reads her cards, throws her runes or uses the I Ching Hexagrams, the outcome is the same. She becomes very frustrated and she has seizures but won’t admit it to herself. She goes out of her way making it her present life goal to save these people even if they aren’t nice to her. And she has her friend Ben. She struggles through most of the book trying to find a way to prevent these deaths she sees. All along we’re told this story from something else. Sentence by sentence. Not the devil. A person able to hide it’s appearance, a girl, transparent. I look forward to reading more from this writer! Once I caught on to the cadence of the way the writer was laying out this story it all became clear. For future readers: This is a thriller, a mystery, no sexual situations, clean language but a bit of violence regarding deaths, students and a gun.

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