A review on Cassidy and the Rainy River Rescue [Kindle Edition]

Same thing goes, I saw this on the email I got and saw it had no reviews so I bought it for $0.00 and read it.  Here is my review.

Cassidy and the Rainy River Rescue [Kindle Edition] by Keely Chace (Author), Nikki Dyson (Illustrator)


This book is good for any age. It is a very caring story about a pony named Cassidy that is very loved and taken care of. She has good attitude and always helps everyone in need. Most of the story is told through the eyes of the animals like the dog and the cow. It’s an awesome inspirational story, very uplifting and leaves you with a positive feeling. Great for bedtime too. It seems that it is an interactive story so if you owned the stuffy toy of Cassidy it would interact with the book most likely on the red sentences in the book. My 10 year old son loved it too but I think it’s a good story for any age!


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