Fractured Legacy Book Blog Tour update


Please check out my updates for the Fractured Legacy Book Blog Tour. I just finished reading this book and it is AWESOME!  It is one of the best books I have read in my life, I like it that much.


RE: Smoking. I’m working hard on it.  I have one a day but they no longer appeal to me. I hate the way my skin smells and my hair and clothing. I know I’m carrying it inside where my boys, both with asthma will be affected. I know it is bad and I am trying my best, honestly, to stop. I turn 40 on November 30th and my son and I agreed I could have one a day until I could get myself off them altogether but my absolute deadline is my birthday.  I chew a lot of ice. I don’t go for gum, ice cream or candy. Just ice.  I’m working on replacing my reactions to stress with other activities that don’t include smoking which causes cancer and is a bad example for my boys.  My great grandmother died of lung cancer. Cancer runs in the family in many forms.  I’m pushing my luck I know but like my grandma said the other day, You have to WANT to stop.  I’m getting there.  I’m human and I know I have the strength within me to stop. Now if I could exchange the social aspect, where we women go outside to talk about things the children don’t need to hear, that would be great.  Working on that too.

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