Book available now! Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan, I loved this book!

Skye Callahan’s Fractured Legacy book is now available on Amazon!  This is one of the best books I have ever read and that is saying a lot. Seriously, you Really Need To Read This Book! Especially if you love paranormal. It’s got such fun characters that just when you think you’ve pinned them down, bam! Surprise! Their depth gets even deeper and for the reader, more fun! I was glued to this book and floored when finished. It’s one of those books that when you get to the last page, you flip it back and forth (mentally for digital) hoping a new page with more story will suddenly appear to quench your new thirst!  I really enjoyed this fabulous world the author has created. She did a splendid job on her world building that at some point I forgot I was actually reading and thought I was experiencing life right along with the characters, especially Kaylyn, her sister Cole and their boss Jonah. Don’t miss this great book, P.S. Don’t expect a vampire or werewolf, Expect the unexpected until you think you can expect no more but find yourself doing just that!



I have a page on my blog just for this exciting book! Check it out! Here is the short link:

I promise never to post a link that would lead you to a bad site. It leads you to the page on my blog I created for the  ‘Fractured Legacy’ Book Blitz Tour and Giveaway! 


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