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NANOWRIMO.ORG: “Starting on November 25, you can validate your novel to win. If it’s over 50,000 words, paste the text into the word-count validator. A few robotic calculations later, we’ll declare you an official NaNoWriMo winner! From there, you’ll be able to collect a few prime novelist goodies”  Yeah, I’m looking forward to the two free published books. :)I bought the ISBN ‘s too! Mine is called ‘No Longer Human’ below is a brief synopsis:

ISBN-13: 978-0615924359 (nightshadelane)

ISBN-10: 0615924352

This is book one and it begins with Aishlynn’s transformation and adjustment to no longer being human. Aishlynn and her mate James, the Alpha leader of the Guardian Warriors go through many changes as he attempts to master his newly awakened sexual desires and she tries to understand her new destiny. The binding and bonding of their Souls is hard enough without the added pressure of the fate of all humanity resting on their shoulders. Aishlynn’s new beginnings are not easy and fulfilling the prophesies just keep getting harder and harder as new events unfold.

What choice would you make if you were given the perfect body, that would never age, never become sick, and exist on natural grown foods and be able to convert the food to energy? No more chocolate cake or lemon meringue pie. What if you had children and they were torn from you with your previous life being replaced by that of a cloned ‘you’ but the Soul within being a ‘reborn’ Soul from one of the Sanctuaries? You would become no longer human but something that has never been before. Your future forever altered.

The Guardian Warriors and Aishlynn with help from the Light and the Ancients must out race the Devil and it’s partner, The Darkness to find the five women who complete the remaining Guardian Warriors before the evil does for if one soul is lost, there will be no future for the Earth and all who call it home.” – Colleen Michelle Johnson



Some really good books here. Free at the time of this post. First few I am asking for REVIEWS. Grab a book while it’s free and write a review to help future readers and the author!



The Cherry Fair [Kindle Edition]
Mary Ellen Johnson (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
A grand, full-blown historical love story, The Cherry Fair relates the story of a passionate ménage a trios played out against the bloody backdrop of war-torn 14th century England.

In 1317, at the d’Arderne family’s annual cherry fair festival, Maria d’Arderne is unhappily betrothed to a much older baron. Maria laments her fate and often ponders a well-known saying, “Life though pleasant, is transitory, even as is the Cherry Fair.” She fears that life is passing her by, and is torn between duty and her attraction to a fabled knight, Phillip Rendell, who arrives for the festivities. Minstrels sing the praises of Phillip, who once saved the life of his lord, Richard of Sussex, at the infamous battle of Bannockburn. Maria is enchanted by the tales and the handsome man before her. Recently returned from years abroad, Phillip knows it’s time to forgo his wandering ways and, as all men must, settle down. While both are betrothed to others, Maria and Phillip brave scandal to elope, seeking shelter and protection from their powerful lord and Phillip’s friend, Richard of Sussex. Following their hasty marriage, Maria happily settles into what she assumes will be a quiet, uneventful life with her beloved husband forever at her side.

But there is nothing quiet about the reign of Edward II.

Attractive, charming, weak, incompetent and largely disinterested in affairs of state, King Edward is haunted by the legacy of his fabled father, Edward I. Increasingly, as Edward II scandalizes his barons with his “unnatural” attractions to foolhardy male favorites, they rebel. Hit and run skirmishes occur; enemies are hanged, drawn and quartered. Civil war looms. Richard of Sussex, who is Edward’s half brother, remains the king’s champion, but most others grow increasingly hostile.

One, Roger Mortimer of Wigmore, a ruthless Marcher lord who was imprisoned for his treasonous acts against Edward II, covets England’s crown for himself. Seducing Edward’s French queen, Isabella, both plot to invade England. Mortimer’s ultimate plan is to depose the nation’s hapless sovereign, replace him with Edward II’s heir, and position himself, Roger Mortimer, as the power behind the throne.

Meanwhile, Phillip Rendell has grown frustrated by his day-to-day life as lord of the manor. Increasingly, he hears the siren song of travel and when he departs England, a devastated Maria eventually turns to Richard of Sussex for solace.

While England collapses about them, Richard tries to save his brother’s kingdom. But Roger Mortimer, as brilliant as he is brutal, captures and imprisons Edward II. Even Queen Isabella becomes uneased by the resultant violence and the knowledge that her lover will stop at nothing to realize his ambition.

Following a three year absence, Phillip returns to England just as Mortimer is readying troops to capture Richard of Sussex. Wearied of traveling and having realized that it was his wife and family, rather than exotic places, that made him happy, Phillip arrives at Dover. There, he is greeted by the news that his wife and his liege lord are lovers. The two people he loved most in the world have committed the ultimate act of betrayal against him.

What will Phillip do now? How will he extract his revenge?

As events reach their climax, Richard is imprisoned, Edward II is murdered in one of history’s most sordid executions, Maria is publicly shamed for her sins, Phillip must decide where his true loyalties lie, and all are painfully reminded that “Life though pleasant is transitory, even as is the Cherry Fair.”

Originally published to glowing reviews as The Lion and the Leopard (Crown Publishers), The Cherry Fair has been reworked and re-edited. Nearly 70 pages have been added, including a new ending, to bring it more in line with the author’s original vision.
#5 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Medieval

Nightfall (Dawn’s End) [Kindle Edition]
Bonnie Ferrante (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 20, 2013
Betrayed by her fiancé, Nicole Newman has put her love life on hold. She loses herself in fantasy, becoming isolated and despondent. When a voice from the woods identifies himself as the man of her dreams and asks for her help, Nicole is unsure whether he is stalking her or about to take her on the adventure of a lifetime. Who, or what, is this mysterious being?

Dawn’s End, a place of simplicity and goodness, is being overcome by a gruesome darkness. Possessing bits of information, Nicole and the dark man know only that they must complete their quest before Nightfall becomes permanent. How far can she trust this not-quite-human? Can they save a world, possibly two, when Nicole isn’t sure she can save herself?

You can find reviews of the first edition here http://www.amazon.com/Dawns-End-ebook/dp/B005BEIAP2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1355416853&sr=1-1&keywords=Bonnie+Ferrante
#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Science Fiction
#11 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery


The Beast Curse [Kindle Edition]
Joy Kamen (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
“The Beast Curse” had been featured in the “Stories For Halloween” anthology that was only available in October with proceeds from the sale of the anthology going to UNICEF.

The short story was inspired by one of my favorite fables “Beauty and The Beast.” In “The Beast Curse,” while on an autumn getaway at her late grandma’s lakeside cottage, Lindsey Rose falls for a reclusive biker with a dark secret.

This short story features two extensive excerpts from upcoming books:

We Met In A Dream
Grace and Tyler met in a dream. Would they be able to find each other again when they awaken? A love story similar to “Somewhere In Time.” “We Met In A Dream” is a military romance and will be available December 8th. All proceeds from downloads during the month of December will go to Wounded Warriors and the USO.

Love Treasure
An Army Ranger and his commander’s lovely niece find danger and romance while searching for the Heart of Gold treasure in Central America. “Love Treasure” will be available in early January, target date the 7th.

“We Met in A Dream” and “Love Treasure” feature sizzling love scenes and are intended for a mature audience.


The Line [Kindle Edition]
Tara Mohajer (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 13, 2013
Alexandra Queensly was never ordinary. She was the girl that everyone knew as the one falling from trees, crashing cars and almost always at deaths door. She doesn’t know why she is always getting into life threatening situations, but she wonders why in all those moments, her last breath was never met. She never believed in anything supernatural, but her curiosity grows at things begin to happen. Strange unexplainable things.
As she nears her 17th birthday, Alex slowly learns of her special power, one that many people would die for. As this revelation unfolds, she begins to experience things not of this universe. Things that there is no human explanation for. Alex begins having visions and one thing seems to present itself over and over again. Someone that seems to have been there at every step. Who can it be? Why is he there? Alex learns her desire can ruin the very balance of life. The strength of true love is tested and the battle of Good and Evil has begun.
#25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Fantasy
#46 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal


In Leopard’s Love [Kindle Edition]
Kimaya Mathew (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: October 27, 2013
Vena Edwards life was already too hectic when she met her Dad for the first time after twenty long years! Then, cherry on the cake, she was informed by him that her marriage has been fixed to his friend’s son, Sean! But Sean has someone else in his heart, Ariel! his first and last lady love. Vena suddenly finds herself in a twisted love story and is scared by the anger raging in the eyes of Amun..Sean’s once-upon-a time best friend!

More twisted is the fact that she is charmed, scared and attracted by him mere presence.Four lives hang in dilemma as Sean’s engagement takes place but, the question is, with whom?
#14 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters
#18 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Vampires
#28 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Fantasy

Echoes of Time (The Timeless Series) [Kindle Edition]
Donna Thomas George (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: March 7, 2013
Follow the Divine Canine, Miss Emily, as she escorts you through this inter-galactic adventure between other worlds—offering just enough of a subtle hint of romance and reality that it could easily take place today. Danette Charlemagne is a middle-aged woman whose husband of over 38 years passed away suddenly a few months ago. Her Mother also recently passed, but before she did she passed on a message with her dying breath from the other side. Before Danette has much time to dwell on it she receives a strange letter inviting her aboard a Space Ship to meet some very Old Beings. Not wanting to go alone she takes her faithful dog aboard with her. She is asked to drive West to meet another being in human form. When they step off the Spacecraft that’s when things really begin to get interesting. Being a Lineaged Witch she is used to the Supernatural. But she never expected a talking dog, ET’s leading her on her journey and a winged Vampire trying to kill her. The Being she meets is half Vampire and half Nephalim he also comes from inside the Earth in an Inner World similar to ours. Dominique Pendragon has been tracking her through many incarnations and time is running out. He must find her, convince her he loves her and she must commit to sealing the Bond between them. His evil Twin Brother, Vangar has always managed to find her as he wants her as his Mate. Her death would come in one form or another before he could completely take her away from his brother. The brothers were separated at birth and Vangar was banished from the Inner World. Her journey takes her on many paths, revealing parts of Herself she didn’t know existed. When Vangar’s Evil Minions can’t seem to catch her he goes after her three grown children. Dannie’s life became something bizarre once she stepped on the spacecraft. But her incredible journey has just begun….
#19 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Science Fiction

The ShadowKin Assault (Rise of the ShadowKin) [Kindle Edition]
E. E. Jackson (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 18, 2013
Earth lies in ruins, its cities destroyed and its people slaughtered.

In the midsts of the chaos two boys set out to rescue their father from the clutches of the ShadowKin, the alien race that has set the world on fire. Can they survive in a world in ruins? Can two boys take on the might of the invading army, just to save their father?
#10 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Military


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Book Description
Publication Date: November 1, 2013

Queen Aminah admits that her people have become a faint whisper of the past, living constantly under the threat of discovery, tiptoeing through the land of the neighboring king. With the threat of discovery realized, she must now face the very man who could hold the lives of her people in his hands, and fight desperately not to hand him her heart.

Within the forgotten northern borders of his kingdom, King Eric de Gaines has no idea of the lost civilization that dwells upon his land. On an attempt to escape the every day trappings of royalty, he stumbles upon a tribe that dare to take him hostage, creating a powerful enemy. As he plots to seek revenge, he finds that treason runs far deeper than the ghosts at his door…or the woman who has begun to haunt his dreams.
#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Romance


The Physician’s Irish Lady [Kindle Edition]
Susan Macatee (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: September 22, 2013
Keara Fagan is falsely accused of insurrection against the British and sentenced to indentured servitude in Australia. The Irish native escapes on a ship bound for America with no money and the clothes on her back. Now, she must stay on the run while trying to survive in a strange land.

As Dr. Elliot James travels by train from Philadelphia to York, a young woman faints at his feet. He’s sworn, as a physician, to aid the sick and injured, but fears this woman needs more than medical help. Enchanted by her beauty and touched by her dignity, he buys her a meal and offers her a place to stay in his small Pennsylvania town.

But a mysterious Irishman pursues her to the idyllic town surrounded by scenic farmland.Is he the abusive husband come to claim his runaway wife, or someone more sinister?
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Victorian
#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States


Arcada – Fire/Ice [Kindle Edition]
Belinda McBride (Author)
3.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1 customer review) (46 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: October 31, 2013

Kell has spent his life wondering who he is.. haunted by the memory of another place. When he sleeps, he hears a voice whispering his name, calling him home. In desperation he finally gives up everything and turns to fate on his quest for a town he knows only as “Normalville.”
Come with Kell as he finds the answers he seeks…and so much more.

Mad at the Moon

Merry Miller is a mail carrier at the only post office in town. After the deliveries are finished on Christmas Eve, all she wants to do is go to bed and sleep late on Christmas morning. But it’s the week of the full moon, and between the moonlight and the new neighbor’s off-pitch singing, she just can’t get any rest!
Noel Hollis has just moved to Arcada, and while the young teacher loves his new home, he’s a bit lonely and would like to get to know his neighbor better. So on Christmas Eve, he invites the sexy letter-carrier to dinner. Can he convince her to stop being angry at his off-key serenades and dance under the moon with him?
Furry meets Fairy on the most magical night of the year.
#25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters


The Irish Bachelor (Book One) [Kindle Edition]
Alannah Buds (Author)
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Book Description
Publication Date: November 18, 2013
** This is PART ONE of The Irish Bachelor. The second and final part is on release soon! **

Sarah was lost. She had grown up not knowing what it was to feel love. She wandered from job to job not knowing or feeling anything but the responsibility of looking after others. Quite by chance, she takes up an offer which has the potential to lead Sarah into a new life, one of warmth and love and laughter. But can she hold onto her new life or is she doomed to live a life of isolation. Is she strong enough to follow her heart?
#7 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories > Women’s Fiction
#50 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Women’s Fiction > Romance
#76 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Women’s Fiction


Curves For The Lone Alpha (A Big Girl Meets Bad Wolf Romance) [Kindle Edition]
Molly Prince (Author)
4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (9 customer reviews)(62 pages)

Book Description

Publication Date: November 19, 2013
When Carrie is dumped by her fiance on the eve of a naughty weekend away she makes an impulsive decision to go by herself. At least she’ll be able to drown her sorrows with champagne alone in a hot tub instead of alone in her dismal apartment.

It is a decision that puts her on a collision course with James. A packless alpha, working for the government to track down and eliminate rogue shifters. Other wolves consider James an outcast and a traitor to his own kind, but he has a hidden agenda. A mission to find out who wiped out his entire pack… and why.

When these two lost souls find each other neither can explain how they feel so drawn to one another. Carrie, still recovering from her recent rejection, can’t believe this untamed and sexy stranger could possibly be interested in her. And James is at a loss to explain how this cute and curvy human can possibly enter his dreams… and why it feels like they were fated to be together.

Curves for the Lone Alpha is a 20 000 word novella with a sweet HFN ending that tells a complete story. It is intended for mature audiences, contains explicit language, several scenes of a sexual nature and some moderate violence.
#86 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters


Hyde, an Urban Fantasy (Hyde Book I) [Kindle Edition]
Lauren Stewart (Author)
4.5 out of 5 stars See all reviews (95 customer reviews)(386 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: November 21, 2013
***This novel is intended for adults only. It includes lots of cursing, descriptive sex, biting sarcasm, and dark themes. HYDE was inspired by Stevenson’s novella but is not a retelling, in part because he and this author have very different definitions of ‘bad boy’.

Honesty is impossible when you don’t know the truth to begin with.

Mitchell Turner is everything women want most in a man–he’s charismatic, successful, and undeniably gorgeous. But he’s not a man–he’s a monster. By venting his rage 24/7, Mitch keeps people out of the danger zone that surrounds him. But, after the most incredible night of his life, he realizes that might not be possible. Except the woman he wakes up with claims she doesn’t remember any of it. And that kind of thing can make a guy insecure.

Eden Colfax is kind, loyal, honest to a fault, and cavity-inducing sweet. To rid herself of the monsters that haunted her broken childhood, Eden doesn’t lie, doesn’t curse, and definitely never wakes up naked in strangers’ beds…until the day she does. Then the flashbacks start–places she’s never been, people she’s never met, blood she’s never spilled. And the only person with any answers is a man she never wants to see again.

What they don’t know is that someone is manipulating them, determined to find out exactly what they’re capable of. And when the truth leaves them nothing to hold onto, they will be forced into a partnership neither expected. Or wanted.

But in life, who you trust is as important as who you are. And when you can’t even trust yourself, sometimes the only person you can rely on is the last person on earth you should be falling for.
#94 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban


Wolf Spell (Wolf Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]
M.R. Polish (Author)
4.6 out of 5 stars See all reviews (43 customer reviews)(340 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: December 13, 2012
***2013 UtopYa Award Nominee for Best Debut Novel***
***2013 UtopYa Award Nominee for Breakout Author of the Year***

With a death starts a new beginning…

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s funeral, when a warlock, intent on using her special powers, kidnaps her. Powers she didn’t know existed. Thrown in the middle of a magical battle, Es struggles to learn her magic while fleeing both vampires and warlocks, at the same time, hunting for the witches that can help defeat her adversary. The only problem is that they are dead.

Thankfully, she has the help of Jarak—her Guardian—who quickly captures her heart, but she wonders if she can win his? Just when she thinks Jarak is the one for her, Ian appears with daggers drawn to save Es from a vampire attack. Ian is cocky and rude, but there is something magnetic about him—something that attracts her to him. With her heart torn between two men, she faces the foes that are out for her blood.

Can Es do the unthinkable and awaken the witches from their graves before time runs out?

Wolf Spell is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance. M.R. Polish is also the author of the New Adult Fantasy Romance, Ageless Sea.
#108 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Witches & Wizards
#3 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban


The Demon Mages (The Power of Three) [Kindle Edition]
Sabine A. Reed (Author), Manika Garg (Editor)
4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (4 customer reviews)(283 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: November 18, 2013
Seve has been poisoned. His sister, Mage Zo, knows the only way to save him is to travel to the war-torn kingdom Jiambra and procure a key ingredient in the antidote. What she doesn’t know is that Jiambra’s king Vindha has threatened the fabric of earth’s magic by offering the bodies of dead mages to the demons, thus creating fearsome demon mages. These demon mages have the ability to withstand any magical attack. No dagger or spear can physically harm them.

As she struggles to journey through the treacherous mainland, and return home in time to save her brother, Zo is unaware that Vindha has sent a demon mage to kill her – and thereby condemn her sibling to an inevitable death.
#160 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery


Misplaced Princess (Foreign Affairs, Book One) [Kindle Edition]
Lexxie Couper (Author), Mari Carr (Author)
4.6 out of 5 stars See all reviews (18 customer reviews)(123 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: June 20, 2012
Foreign Affairs, Book One

Annie Prince has impetuously flown halfway ’round the world to visit a sexy cowboy she met online–only to find herself stranded in Sydney. Seems she and Dylan crossed wires, and he’s on his way to New York. His twin, Hunter, saves the day and whisks her back to the family cattle station. Hunter’s as easy on the eyes as Dylan, and even easier to talk to. Annie might have flown to Oz to meet one brother, but soon sparks are flying with the other.

Hunter considered Dylan a dumb arse for jetting off to America for some stranger–until he met Annie. Turns out the New Yorker is a smart, funny, hard-working jillaroo…and hotter than the Aussie desert. Hunter’s not normally one to poach his brother’s women, but he can’t keep his hands, lips, tongue and other body parts off this sexy city girl.
#20 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance


Million Dollar Wife [Kindle Edition]
Margaret O’Neil (Author)
4.3 out of 5 stars See all reviews (41 customer reviews)(312 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: August 7, 2013
When a tangle of frustrations and responsibilities prompts movie heartthrob, Bryce Courtland, to turn his back on the Hollywood singles scene and hire a mother for his precocious twins, he finds the perfect candidate in his sister’s best friend, Marja: a small town college professor whose long-ago teenage crush on him still brings a blush to her cheeks.

Responding to Bryce’s immediate need for childcare, and as a favor for her best friend, Marja Lindstrom accepts a temporary assignment as tutor/nanny. Bryce has a more permanent arrangement in mind and stuns Marja with a marriage proposal — a marriage proposal with a twist.

Will a million dollar salary convince her to take a chance, change careers — and open her heart?
#5 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Romance
#27 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Contemporary


Copper to Red (The Dillwyns’ Stories) [Kindle Edition]
Ceri Bladen (Author)
5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (2 customer reviews)(164 pages)
Book Description
Publication Date: November 20, 2013
At twenty eight, Tom Dillwyn is content with life. A wonderful family, an enjoyable job at the market, and plenty of attention from the opposite sex. The last thing Tom is looking for is change.
Licking her wounds after a divorce from her childhood sweetheart, Janet Dawkins (Willow) is back working at her parents’ pub, The Red Lion. Being a divorcée makes Willow determined to keep her heart locked away from any further hurt.
When they un-expectantly find themselves attracted to each other, both are determined not to act on it – each for their own reasons; Tom, because he wants nothing more than a fling, and Willow, because she knows she could never trust her heart to someone with a reputation like Toms.
Fate, however, has different ideas as they are forced together, and apart, by unforeseen circumstances. Will they be able to override these forces or will they both find happiness elsewhere?
#32 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Regency

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