Life is life sometimes and my government sucks for health insurance BOO Medi-Cal

So the lovely people at Medi-cal, took our health insurance away. Even though I sent the papers in before the due date. So we spent the wee hours of Monday morning in the ER as Malik couldn’t breath. He’s very sick and now his brother is sick again too. I can’t get to a DR without health insurance and having to pay cash for things right now is terrible. My hands aren’t working, I have a fever too and I can;t get a note for the schools so I face truancy. My book must wait as I can barely type this out. I never said a bad word about our government but right now THEY SUCK and my case worker won’t return my phone calls. Thanks a lot for taking away all the DRs they need to see, appts cancelled that were so hard to get. I hate Medi-Cal but my worker, now, for the world to see, she speaks down to me, WHEN she feels like returning my phone call. never had a problem with healthy families. BOO to government workers who blame the state, there’s more to this problem but I don’t want to give her a bad name, too much anyways. They can mess with me but if someone messes with my kids? Watch out because my prayers will not be in your favor. Tell depression to take a number behind all the other things happening. I;m a survivor but I’m a pissed off one. If i was a truly nasty person I would slander my workers name but I won’t do that. She still won’t have the guts to return my phone calls. 😦

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