Switched Gears and began finishing my first book among the craziness that is my life

I never said it would be easy and I have often been told it would be hard to be a caretaker of both my mom with MS and my grandma who had one leg amputated but is now at 81, working with a prosthetic leg!

Of course I have my kids who are 10 and 16 but the 16 yr old isn’t your average teen. Add in four cats who pee on my clothing or in my shoes (Why me? I feed them treats, do their dinner, clean all three litter boxes and replace their water in six places around the house and their dried food in five places around the house daily.

Reading and writing saves me so I put my three part book aside and started to fill out my witch and wizard book this past weekend. I had 33 pages and now I have about 120 but I’m adding in more each day.

Write fellow writers, cook amazing foods, post heartfelt poetry, videos and pictures that reach the heart.

Preview of my cover (still working on it)
nightshadelane-72dpi-1500x2000 (6)

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