My self made cover for Matched and Mated book paranormal romance

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Here is my self made cover using, clipart from (the moon x2 and the black gate x2) and graphics using

My book for is a paranormal fantasy romance for teens.

Every three years Vrozia requests a sacrifice from Earth. This year it is sixteen year old Cilla. Vrozia sends out ten of their ‘requests’ to different worlds. This year there are ten princes looking for their mates. When those females are taken from their worlds by Ostramethusias, Vrozian’s only Other left, collects them and brings them to the Royal Family Castle.

Here they will participate in ‘activities’ such as hunting and dancing for the game that will match them to their future mates.

One, small human female changes Vrozia as she turns their ‘game’ upside down, and becomes the mate of Ostramethusias instead. Now the Royal Family is no longer at the top of the food chain. And the Outerborders (shapeshifters), Middleborders (Animal Blood Farm Workers), and the Innerborders (artisans) fully support Ostramethusias for he has unbound magic and creates their nourishment needed to survive from a mix of human blood, animal blood from the farms and special herbs.

nightshadelane Colleen Michelle Johnson Cover for NaNoWriMo 2014
Colleen Michelle Johnson
Cover for NaNoWriMo

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