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Free ebook from Amazon, Need Reviews, yes it is mine

I published my first book a few days ago and it is free for the next five days. I wrote this one for, November’s 50,000 word challenge to write a novel in 30 days.

I have never asked before, but I’d like to ask for Help An Author With a Review! Free book! I’m working on making it free permanently but Amazon doesn’t care for that as they don’t earn a cent.




I am a caretaker, a single mom of two boys, I have depression, I'm a survivor and a writer, love to read, write reviews and find great books, post to twitter asking for reviews on books that have 0 and enter giveaways. I am flawed! Tattooed! I have Myasthenia Gravis. But I'm alive and happy.

9 thoughts on “Free ebook from Amazon, Need Reviews, yes it is mine

  1. Done! Just from page one, I am looking forward to reading this. And I promise to give an honest review when I’m done. Can’t promise it’ll be before Christmas, though, but I will do it! To TSRA, thanks for sharing this, I’ve reblogged as well on Zoe’s blog at

    1. That is exciting to hear you are looking forward to reading it. Sharing a story with others can be really scary but this is the smallest book out of all I have written so I chose to publish it first.

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