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Phantom Ending for and on Wattpad

Meeting in the tunnel
Meeting in the tunnel

I finished writing ‘Phantom Ending’ for this year. I’m posting it on wattpad and since it has an isbn with createspace, I may print it for my personal collection. Is it fanfiction? It has elements from Gaston Leroux’s story and maybe one or two details from ALW’s movie/musical but the twists are mine, the lyrics are mine with music coming soon. First I have to edit the heck out of this beast.

Also I am now three weeks no smoking and I’m happy for it. I was told that a craving for anything lasts 3-7 minutes. I got through it because I didn’t want to poison anyone any more and I want to have the healthiest lungs I can by December 10th for my surgery. Thymectomy.

If I can do it, so can you! Never stop dreaming, always keep writing, sing to the music!



I am a caretaker, a single mom of two boys, I have depression, I'm a survivor and a writer, love to read, write reviews and find great books, post to twitter asking for reviews on books that have 0 and enter giveaways. I am flawed! Tattooed! I have Myasthenia Gravis. But I'm alive and happy.

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