NaNoWriMo Begins Today!

As a side note there is another writing event. It is called NaNoRenO. It is for writing Visual Novels. Awesome! NaNoRenO 2017 starts in 119 days.

National Novel Writing Month begins today! Here is what I’ve got going for this year’s contest. Book cover art by

Here is my entry.


In Abilene, Kansas, there is a famous Statuary that has operated for over a hundred years. Its creations of beautifully tragic, one of a kind, weeping angels are breathtaking.

It is owned by twin brothers, Jacob and Jason Jovinet.

These prized, hand carved ethereal masterpieces are sold to cemeteries, convents, public and private gardens as well as restaurants, and churches worldwide.

While the clock turns from morning to evening, angel statues are created out of marble and designer resin as well as cast bronze.

When night falls, the angels weep for the cries of young, tortured souls that soar through the air of the forest while empty swings twist and turn on their long silver chains.

Under the cover of night, in the large, red bricked building behind the Statuary as well as the weeping willow filled forest, depraved activities commence.



After completing a heavily detailed, commissioned piece for a VIP in France, twin brothers Jacob and Jason sat together in their living room. Each held a cold beer in their right hand.

Jacob turned their radio on and began to twist the dial, Jason removed Jacob’s hand when he heard a male voice delivering the evening news.

“I didn’t know there were any orphanages left in this country,” Jason said, scratching an itch on the side of his face. His brooding eyes stared at the old fashioned radio that once belonged to their father.

“Sounds like the opportunity we’ve been waiting for,” Jacob replied. He entwined his fingers and set them behind his head as he rested against the black, leather couch.

“Better us than the government,”

“I agree. I think I have a plan. The news guy said that the children will be moved to the foster system in thirty days. How about we take a trip to meet, who was it? Oh yes, a Mr. Longly, to see if he would like a donation, to ease the transition of the children?”

Jason rubbed his chin with his long, thin fingers. “It has been a very dry summer.”

His brown eyes, a mirror of his twin, glittered with excitement. “It’s only fifty miles away. We can take the sedan.”

Together, the brothers created a ruse. Two days later, they put their plan into action.

Jacob wore a solemn, black suit, and met with the man in charge, Mr. Longly. He spoke of making a financial donation. “I think it would help with the children’s transitions.” Mr. Longly, a tall fellow with neatly trimmed brow hair, pushed his glasses back up his nose with one finger. “That sounds like the miracle we’ve been hoping for.” As he tried to hide his building excitement, Jacob was outside, wearing black sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt. Under the cover of night, he snuck around the plain, two-story building with its empty windows where he created a brilliant fire.

Both brothers had heavily altered their outward appearances using face putty, false mustaches, and long side burns. Their clothing had been stuffed in various places to change their body shape.

Long after the fire was out, Mr. Longly gave the police a firm description of the man who had come to see him before the fire started.

A large search spanned six months before the authorities had no choice but to declare the case cold.

After the orphanage was closed and the surviving children entered the foster system, the search for the ten missing orphaned girls was easily replaced by the news of a royal wedding. It was that of Prince Edward and Cassidy Forton that stole the attention of the world.

The Jovinet brothers had achieved their first goal.

The ten girls who had been stolen, ranged from four to thirteen. Unbeknownst to all, they were housed in the basement of the impressive brick building on the Jovinet estate.

A building that happened to be located behind the very Statuary that had most recently provided a stunning angel to the newly married couple.

The perfect gift, a standing angel, arms crossed over her chest, face tilted toward the heavens as if pleading for redemption.

Chapter One begins tomorrow 🙂


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