Wandering Bits from years ago

Yes, today is day three of National Novel Writing Month. I have written 1,720 words today for a total of 3,542 words thus far.

Chapter Two

Please Note: The contents of this chapter contains extreme violence and mature content. I will not be posting the whole thing here on my blog nor on social media. It is on NaNoWriMo.org and will be available for free after November 30th.

A part of Chapter Two


On the eve of their fourteenth birthday, the twins received a very unique gift from their papa.

At dinner, he announced that they were old enough to access the brick building.

The boys instantly looked towards their mother who kept her eyes on her soup. 

Not seeing any change, they dismissed her and  glanced at their papa who sat at the head of the long, oak table.

His dark brown eyes were sparkling and he winked once at them.

The rest of dinner was a quiet affair, as was usual in their household.

When dinner was done, and their cake was eaten, their mother went upstairs while the boys and their papa left the house through the front door.

As the air outside held a cold bite, neither boy said a word when they weren't told to wear jackets.

Their burning curiosity was far greater than chilly skin.

Papa walked ahead of the twins who kept stealing glances at one another until they reached the forbidden building.

Jacob craned his neck to watch his papa retrieve a small metal ring from his pocket.

Jason saw what it held first. “Three keys,” he whispered.

When their papa looked back at them they stood half a foot apart, and stared straight ahead, shoulders back, arms resting at their sides like good soldiers.

“You may not tell anyone about this birthday gift. Do you both understand?” Papa's eyes hardened for a moment and the boys quickly nodded their heads.

Relief swamped them as their papa returned his attention to opening the polished steel door.

Jacob noticed that papa had chosen the smallest key, which was a strange red color.

Jason let his gaze wander briefly, taking in the crisp night air. 
He pulled down the twinkle of the stars above to help settle his nervous stomach.

Jacob folded his arms as his eyes darted around. 

Not a soul could be seen.

They had no employees at the Statuary nor any servants on the estate.

The door swung open outwards. 
Their papa stepped inside the dark building. 
Within seconds, the large room glowed a bright yellow from the lights embedded in the high ceiling.

He ushered the boys inside, being careful to lock the door behind them.

Seeing the big, plain room, the boys felt instantly cheated and said, "Hey, it's empty!"

They walked into the big space and wandered over the polished wooden floors.

They inspected the view from all three windows. 

Observed the fancy lighting in the vaulted ceiling.

But none of this felt equal to the warning their papa had given them nor the wink at the dinner table.

“Papa, this is a great area. It is very neat and bright,” Jacob said, standing across the room near the single paned window. 

“You boys are too bright to think I would give you an empty place to hang out.” Papa said, a mysterious smile twisted his lips.

Jason's eyes watched the small keyring disappear into papa's chocolate brown pants.

“Come along, fourteen is a turning point in a man's life,” Papa said.

The twins dashed over to walk behind their papa once more. 

Neither missed the word man.

"I must ask you once more. Do you promise not to share anything about what I am about to give you?" 

"We promise," they said together. 

The twins wore matching white polo shirts,and tan pants with lots of pockets. 

It was then that the boys saw that their father wasn't wearing his usual suit.

"No suit," Jason and Jacob said.
"It isn't a night for one. Come along now," papa laughed. 

"This floor is empty yes but its only for appearances, in case someone broke in. Keep moving now."

They followed their papa to the right where they watched, fascinated, while papa's hands pushed against the wall. 

A door shaped passageway opened.

"Cool," Jacob said.
"Wow," Jason said.

"Let's go, Jacob you go first, your brother can follow you and I will be close behind."

As a group, they descended the wooden stairs that led straight down to the hidden floor.

As they walked, their papa flicked a switch, filling the space with light from fluorescent tubes embedded in the flat ceiling.

The smell of ammonia, sweat and a tang of copper clouded the air.

"Welcome to my playground," papa said, arms spread out wide.

Trying not to vomit, Jason said, "Black iron cages."

"With straw," Jacob said as he turned to look at his papa.

"Not important. Come and see," papa teased them with a sly smile.

He led them to the first cage where they stood together, staring into the small space.

"Must be ten by ten," mumbled Jason, one hand pressing hard against his stomach willing his cake to stay down.

"A very good estimate. Exactly right," papa said proudly.

Jacob looked around. "Are all the cages filled?"

"There are twenty cages but right now they are only half filled."


Thank you for your time. Keep writing and reading 🙂




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