Book Covers

You could attempt to purchase extended licenses on stock photos, find pictures you haven’t seen before and create your own cover. Or you could check out premade book covers. I love this site for premade covers and have bought lots! The thing about this site is that it gives you both the 300 dpi image for print and the 72 dpi image for ebook for the same, single price. It also allows you to buy the image and use their text generator or take the image and add text elsewhere. Prices start at $69 and go up from there. You can download the image in both dpi formats as many times as you like, make changes to the text however many times you like and all they ask for is a small line of credit in your book. Easy and quick for you pay the price and poof, there’s your image to tinker with.

I use to edit my book covers and Both these sites are free to use.

Great place to surf through premades Etsy!

Etsy has premade book covers and some offer services that are affordable (under fifty USD) for a full wrap for a print book, including using a cover bought from a different site.




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