Chapter One, Asgrove Academy & lots more

For the past six months I have not wanted for something to read. I don’t know how long Instafreebie has been around but it is a killer.

While you can get hundreds of free books (sent to your email in three available formats), I have learned to check the title through Amazon before proceeding to download. Sometimes it is a book that isn’t offered through the Kindle Unlimited program and you’re getting a great deal.

Then be prepared to get an email box FULL of files you must forward to your chosen reading device (I use the Kindle app on my iPhone).

But that is not a problem for  free books right? Also be prepared to get your box filled with newsletters, some even asking you to join an author’s street team.

I have so many files on my computer from Instafreebie (because when you click on one and say yeah you want it, then, sometimes three more titles will pop up where you can choose one, so on and so forth) that I often both fear and look forward to checking my email.


Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 10:40:27 AM
Subject: Freebie Friday: 293 Free Ebooks Just For You!

and here is the link Instafreebie free books

Did you know that this link can offer more than 500 books and I’ve got more than just one email offering Instafreebie books!

HUNDREDS of books from all different categories haunt me now.

What takes priority are three things: responsibilities to my family, reviewing books requested of me by authors/publishers and my own writing.

I recently tried my first short story writing contest. The theme was ‘person in a hole finds their way out’ by I’ve officially joined the community of amazing people.

My short story was published and can be found here:

My story was called ‘Death Isle’.

Also, you should join Kindle Scout! Help choose a book to be published, if chosen you will receive a copy. But it is more than that. You’re in a contest to be the best at choosing the next great book. You get three nominations a day. This is really important for authors and readers.

As for my own writing, I have changed Witches and Wizards Retribution into a trilogy. It is now, Asgrove Academy, Witches and Wizards Trilogy, Book One, with a new cover and the cover with the girl is for Book Two, Power Rising and Book Three, Retribution.

Here’s the cover for book one I bought from (credit will be in book):

asgrove academy cover

And here is Chapter One, in all its terrible glory.

This is a story about a girl who falls through a portal from Earth into Asgrove, a realm of magic where witches and wizards are the norm. Sentient buildings, classes for animal companions, potions, charms, talent training and more await her in Asgrove.

Only human females with blood tracing back centuries to the loss of Asgrove’s queen who was abducted and brought to Earth where she was eventually killed, can enter the one-way portals. In Asgrove, it has been said that the return of the lost queen’s soul would be soon, possibly within the group of human females brought to Asgrove a month before school was to begin. But dark magic has had centuries to snake its way deep within Asgrove and the residents within.

Chapter One

Bright sunlight filtered through the dense giant redwood tree canopies at the Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park.
After being on the road for more than five hours cooped together with my brothers in the back seat of our dad’s truck, I felt happy to see the park’s light green, weathered, paint peeling welcome sign.
I leaned my head against the glass window of dad’s old truck, stealing glimpses of the hot guy dressed in park ranger green.
After paying the ranger for a two-week camping pass, our blue truck rumbled along the single lane dirt road. “Hand these out to the kids please,” dad said to mom. As I took the paper, a heavily detailed map of the campsite unfolded in my hands. Might be useful.
We made several loops before reaching spot number ninety-nine.
The minute the truck stopped, I jumped out. Sweet freedom at last. No more, acrid stench of sweat. The scent of clean air found from within a redwood forest cleared away the hours of constant teasing and bickering.
Even though I had managed to get out of the vehicle first, the twins, Eric and Derek grabbed their tent from the bed of the truck before I could nab mine. My younger brother Chase along with older brother Sid got to theirs by knocking me to the ground.
“No foul,” Sid said with his trademark grin.
“Got it,” Chase laughed, passing me by, tent tucked under one muscled arm. His dark eyes, the same deep brown as dads met my glare.
“Hey, don’t forget to put the groceries in the food locker,” mom hollered.
“On it,” dad said, coming to stand in front of me. My fingers dug into the loose dirt of the ground as my anger grew.
“What a load of bull! Did you see what Sid did?” I asked my lumberjack dad. He towered above me, dressed the same as always; pale jeans, a white undershirt with a red and black plaid short sleeved shirt and thick, black boots.
“They like to make sure your tent is protected by theirs.”
I frowned at him before taking his hand. Once on my feet, I brushed the dirt from my jeans.
After I dragged my tent over to the set-up area, I saw the familiar pattern. My pink, single person canvas abode would be wedged between two gray double tents. I smiled when I could see this year, we’d have thick trees at our backs instead of another family.
Letting my frustration melt away, I cast my eyes to the beautiful trees semi blocking the rays of the high noon sun. The rich, earthy scent came from being deep within a forest. A natural balm to my frayed nerves. The shade we did have wasn’t enough to lower the temperature until an hour after the sun set. I don’t possess a single drop of ‘outdoor, nature girl’ blood. I missed my friends. Real toilets would have been welcome.
Tent pitched, I frowned when I felt sweat drip along the skin of my back.
“Get her!” Chase shouted. His voice cracked. I laughed. Oh, sweet puberty sure sucked! Yeah, I laughed when I heard my brother’s voice break because I knew he hated it. Which made me like it even more. Chase, the shortest of my brothers. What he lacked in height, he more than made up for in mischief.
I squinted against the sunlight. Then I shook my head. I had forgotten, he had shaved his head right before we left this morning. His golden curls were gone.
I stood perfectly still, right outside my tent.
I knew the drill.
Same thing each year.
“Filled ‘em back at home. Maybe the water will be cool enough for you Lissa.” Erik said, a slight breeze rippled through his long, blond hair. The musician in the family, wore nothing but dark jeans, a dark T-shirt with obscene words and black Converse high-top sneakers, without socks.
Though I stared straight ahead, I could see their bright orange and yellow, mega water blasters currently aimed at my head, from the corner of my eyes.
I didn’t have a mega blaster. I had a green plastic gun filled with water tucked inside my jeans at my lower back.
They moved in to capture me in a circle.
“You guys ought to join the military,” I said.
I had enough water for six shots.
I only needed four.
Before they pulled their triggers, I whipped my gun out and shot them each in the middle of their forehead.
“Gotcha first,” I said. My laughter made my stomach cramp. Wholeheartedly worth it. The looks on their faces simply precious. A good memory at last.
No escape. I weathered the hits from their water guns until they ran dry.
“Didn’t see the shot coming sis,” Derek patted me on the back. I shrugged his hand away.
“You’re dead. I shot each one of you! If you had stayed dead, I wouldn’t be dripping wet!”
“What? It’s a hot day. Gotta cool ya off somehow.” Erik held his empty plastic shooter next to his lips and gave it a kiss.
“Better than last year’s bro,” Chase grinned, slapping Erik hard on the back.
“Got some time before lunch, let’s go refill them,” Derek said as he stared at me.
I rolled my eyes.
They laughed. Then they were gone, off to refuel their blasters.
“Where’d they go?” dad asked as he came to stand near me.
“To refuel.”
“I saw your shots. Surprised to see you participated.”
“Doesn’t getting soaked count as participating?”
“Um, I hear your mother calling me. Got to get a fire going for the hot dogs.”
I watched him walk away from me until I stood alone.
I dropped my little pistol on the ground near my tent.
Bending over, I unzipped my tent’s door.
Quick as a magician, I changed into a fresh pair of jeans, white T-shirt with a lightweight red hoodie. I pulled my hair into a ponytail with a white scrunchie, in case my brothers me again. I took my wet clothing and hung it over the top of my tent.
When they did return, their interest no longer aimed at me. For a few moments, I watched as they ran around outside in the sweltering heat, like drunk mountain lions.
The twins were exact duplicates of each other than the way they dressed. Derek’s casual khaki shorts hung low on his thin hips. Same as his twin, he wore no socks but his feet were always jammed into colorful Van’s. The only shirts he ever wore were plain, white T-shirts. And he hated the music his twin Erik played. So, did I. Loud metal banging noises from his band, The Metal Masters. No joke.
I unzipped my tent’s door and crawled inside to search for my ear buds and music player. Exactly how I planned on spending my time. I brought a few books but with the heat, I had a hard time getting lost in a story.
Listening to music, passed the time. I also tried to exchange text messages with several friends, bemoaning the cruelness of life. The terrible cell reception in the forest made most of my text messages undeliverable.
“Change of plans. We’ll have hot dogs for dinner. Your mom made sandwiches for lunch,” dad said from outside.
“Heard,” I said. I crawled out of my tent to see my brothers standing directly in front of me.
Dad and mom were by the truck with the dry fire pit in between us.
“Couldn’t get the fire started?” Derek asked. He spoke loud enough for us kids to hear but not dad.
“He brought wood instead of buying it from the park,” Chase said quietly.
“Thanks for lunch,” I said, as I elbowed Erik and Derek in the ribs at the same time.
“Yeah, thanks,” my four brothers called out at once.
“Ah, do you have to be so loud?” I rubbed my ears as I made my way past them to get my sandwich.
I smiled as my mom handed me a tin foil-wrapped lump. For a moment, a saw the apology in her blue eyes.
“I’ll eat inside my tent. No water allowed. Cute hat mom.”
“Sure Lissa,” mom said, handing out more silver wrapped packages to the boys.
I looked back and saw her pat her brilliant green baseball cap. Such a shame. She must have wedged her long, black hair inside the hat. Her smile showed me what I needed to know. For now, the world would survive.
I retreated to my tent. The sandwich turned out to be peanut butter and strawberry jam.
After I ate, I crumpled the tin into a ball and left it beside my pillow. I might need it later if I bored.
I retrieved my camera bag from the truck. I returned to my tent without encountering anyone where I set it carefully on top of my navy-blue sleeping bag. I plugged in my ear buds, closed my eyes and listened to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s, ‘The Wall.’
On the evening, what would come to be the strangest of my life, my family shared a casual meal of hot dogs roasted over the campfire. We stoically ate them and ignored the blackened crunchy texture. Dad tried his best to behave like a true outdoorsman, but he wasn’t as skilled as Augustus McCrae or Daniel Boone. of us discreetly wiped the tears from our eyes from the campfire smoke.
At the end of dinner, I had to fight off my brothers who attempted to attack me again with their water guns. They laughed as they mocked me. “The water will cool ya off better than that air conditioner you’re always dreaming of!”
I screamed when they shot me. The devils had fired hot water!
Thankfully dad stepped in. He made the jerks back off by standing in front of me. Without their target, my brothers grumbled.
While dad motioned for them to point their guns away, he whispered to me, “Go take a walk on a nearby trail.”
My head turned toward him.
“Don’t forget your camera. There should be several places nearby where you could get some great shots.”
“Thanks, Dad.”
“New target. For this one time, you can shoot me,” dad said, holding his hands in the air. A seriously cool move for dad; sacrificing himself for me.
I took the precious moment he gave me to duck into my tent, tucked my music player in the pocket of my jeans before grabbing my camera bag. I placed it over my shoulder. My eye caught on a map of the campsite. The hot ranger had given dad several of them, which he then gave to us. I grabbed it, stuffed it into a pocket and made my getaway.
Nearly out of range, I heard dad shout, “But don’t go too far.”
I waved at him before turning my full attention to the beautiful foliage around me. “Maybe I’ll get some decent pictures to post online and sell as stock photos. Easy money.” I talked to myself as I stepped on a path leading into the redwood forest. The shade enveloped me. With the setting sun, I figured I had an hour before I needed head back.
Alone, I intended on taking a short walk, when a swarm of blue and white butterflies caught my eye. I pulled out my map and studied the colorful images on the back of the wildlife in the area. There were six types of blue butterflies and at least three types of white ones. The combination of their groups mesmerized me, and I followed them until I came upon the most amazing sight. I looked at my map and frowned. I had stumbled upon a trail called Damnation Creek.
I hesitated for a second before I stepped off the well-worn path and into another world, it could have been a picture from a bedtime storybook. An enchanting lush green meadow surrounded by the thick trunks of the redwood trees. It formed the backdrop for the swirling butterflies and fairy tale like flowers.
I gently set my camera bag on the soft grass. I walked slowly to the secret spot. Using the map to compare, I identified the flowers as Smith’s Fairy Bells.
The spellbinding butterflies were flying high and low as if their movements were an award winning, gracefully choreographed dance. Then, ever so elegant, they would land on the little bell flowers blanketing the meadow.
A tiny bird crossed paths with the dance. The magic broke. I remembered my camera.
I returned to my bag and bent to unzip it. I took great care to assemble my most prized possession – my Nikon D700 digital SR camera with 24.1 pixels and 6 SPS continuous shooting. I attached my Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor lens and closed the bag. I moved slowly around the area outside the butterflies’ path. Ever since a special birthday as a toddler when I received my first plastic red camera, I have loved photography.
After twenty minutes, my arms ached. “Got enough to last me awhile,” I sighed as I carefully removed the Nikkor lens from my camera and tucked it away before putting my camera back in its bag, zipped it and left it where it sat, safe on the enchanted grass. The flora and fauna forgotten, my attention focused on a huge redwood with a funky knot near the bottom which appeared to be a built-in seat.
I walked over to it and ran my hand over the natural contours. Curious, I sat and pressed my back to the trunk of the tree. The wood felt smooth as glass. I tilted my head against the tree and closed my eyes, letting the fresh air clear my thoughts.
Then the tree and beautiful meadow fell away.

**Needs loads of work. Changing a book into a trilogy will be very interesting!**

All comments welcome.

Goodreads Printed Book Giveaway and ManicReaders where books can be free!



I have an active Goodreads giveaway where I put up five printed copies of my debut novel, “Love Awakens”.

Giveaway runs until 01/12/15!


After I get a few reviews, I will post Love Awakens as a pdf

and anyone can download it and read it for free!

My author page is under nightshadelane.

When I asked for reviews, it won’t allow me to post my book for free until the review process is over.

Also this site has a variety of books but lots of adult books.FYI!


Price has returned to $0.99 but I will get it back down to Free soon.

Results of 5 day FREE PROMO on Amazon Kindle

This was very interesting!

This was the first time LOVE AWAKENS was available on Amazon

(or anywhere)

Day 1 12/08/14: 63 free units

Day 2 12/09/14: 37 free units and 1 Kindle Unlimited unit

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Day 4 12/11/14: 71 free units

Day 5 12/12/14: 69 free units and 5 Kindle Unlimited units

NO LONGER FREE; $0.99 the lowest I can make it without a promo set up

Day 6 12/13/14: 4 free units

Excerpt & A look at the Outerborders from Vrozia in Love Awakens



My ebook is free at amazon until 12/13/14 and then when I can figure out how to keep it free it will be free!


Vrozia a world of perpetual night, under twin moons is home to the outerborders, middleborders and innerborders.  I want to define the outerborders today.

This so called class of citizens have been pushed as far away from the royal castle as possible. They live in caves and trees beyond the Dymare Forest. They are the outcast villains, or so the royal family would have you think this. In reality, they are a sensitive and tight knitted community of shapeshifters led by Lysimachus, a chimera and the Alpha. There are many sub-alphas that represent each type of animal or creature that they can shift forms from two legs to four.  They do not kill nor do they thirst for the blood of those living beyond the portals the royals opened to other worlds like Earth.

They receive all the proper nutrition they need from Ostramethusias, the last original Other in Vrozia. He is a fabulous chemist mixing animal and human blood with special herbs to maintain the exact nutrients the outerborders need. He comes monthly to visit and he brings Cilla, his mate, to meet Lysimachus and is accepted. When she drinks his blood, she is able to shift into a different form! With Cilla and ‘Sias’ together,Vrozians can live freely and not fear the wrath of the royal family for Ostramethusias has magic far beyond anything anyone has ever seen and he let the queen borrow some of it until he cut her off. Her book of spells have a very minor touch to the world but as Cilla and Sias evolved into what they were meant to be, Maldoriens, they will change Vrozia forevermore.

quote from Love Awakens, italic words are thoughts instead of spoken words.

You do not understand yet but once our bodies adjust to these changes, we will be so different from what we were. But have no fear my dear firefly.”

Sias grinned at her and led her closer to where she thought she had heard movement, closer to those big open caves filled with darkness.

Lysimachus!” Sias called out in a deeper voice then Cilla was used to hearing. She looked at him and was surprised to see his long silver hair was now streaked with black. She shook her head so that her long hair flowed into view and her shock doubled. Her normally light blonde hair was streaked with silver and black. She briefly wondered what that would look like from someone else’s point of view. But when she saw a large shape moving towards them, her mouth went dry before Sias was in her head calming her down.

Do not show fear, as they can smell it, taste it, feel it.”

Cilla forced her body to relax and drew upon Sias’s strength as the large shape stopped about three feet away from them.

Ostramethusias, time has passed,” Lysimachus verbalized in its own way of speaking.

To Cilla’s untrained ears, what she heard was more of a growl than words yet she did understand what it said.

Yes it has most ruthless leader. We are entering a new time with many changes,” Sias smiled showing his elongated teeth and Cilla’s eyes widened at the sight. She put all her energy into keeping her heart beat steady, not to scream and to keep holding Sias’s hand.

Lysimachus, meet my mate, Cilla,” Sias told the big creature as he held Cilla’s hand out towards the big male. His eyes glowed a dark green and suddenly Cilla could see what he truly looked like though she wasn’t quite sure she had ever seen something like him before.

Lysimachus studied the hand of the Other’s mate for a very long time. He stood and stared, he smelled the air and sensed the weight of judgment from those hidden in their caves. He also felt the air caress him from those who lived in the trees and were right now gently shaking them. He mentally went around to every sub-alpha until he had reached them all. Then without warning, he shifted his body until he became something else.

Cilla scrutinized him, trying to imagine all the animals and creatures that this one being represented, but she couldn’t pinpoint every single one. She was impressed and realized she held no fear even though this being had razor sharp teeth, several rows in fact. He sat like a lion would sit or maybe a dragon and watched her. Lysimachus lifted one massive, spotted paw with needle-pointed nails and whisked it over his own throat. A thin line of blood began to well up and Cilla’s mouth went dry. She felt her own teeth lengthen and knew she had to keep eye contact with Lysimachus even though she badly wanted to look at Sias for affirmation about her teeth. Her nails grew outrageously sharp and she tried very hard not to puncture Sias’s skin where he held her other hand.

When she smelled the chimera’s blood, she lost control. Without consciously thinking, she found herself standing in front of the chimera watching it bleed, mesmerized by the rich red liquid. In the next second, she sank her teeth into its neck for a few seconds before rubbing her tongue over the bleeding slash. Cilla felt the skin mend as her tongue passed over it. As quickly as it had happened it was over and she was back to where she had been standing. Looking at the chimera, she saw that his eyes were closed. She knew instinctively that he was feeling no anger or fear. In fact, he looked euphoric, if such an expression could be discerned at a moment like this. Or in a creature such as this one. Cilla liked the word chimera, for he really lived up to that word’s description.

In a flash, Sias was standing over the chimera and she watched, equally horrified and fascinated to see him sink his sharp teeth into its neck for about the same amount of time that she had done. But Sias seemed to heal the broken skin with his mind. She stood as if her legs were made of wood with roots sinking deep into the earth. Her thoughts raced through the last few minutes, taking the moments apart, piecing them together and processing everything. Cilla could feel the other creatures gathering around the area where they were standing, watching them. She was surprised at first that she didn’t feel any danger while being watched by so many eyes. But when she realized that she felt just as comfortable here in the middle of the outerborder’s territory as she did in Sias’s personal rooms, she knew the royal family was just an illusion of power. These feelings didn’t jibe with the knowledge she had been fed by the queen that these ‘feral’ beings would tear her whole world apart and bathe in the blood of all. The queen had lied to her and who knew if anything she had every said held a grain of truth.

My experience with Amazon, KDP, and Createspace for my first book (free right now!)

Publishing my first book through was super easy. I got the template from them for formatting my book from their site. I participated in and got two free printed copies which is cool. I love as it’s a great writing challenge.

The Printed Book

First I made an account with and downloaded their template for the trade paperback 6 x 9 book. It allows me to edit my book as many times as I want and I used openoffice instead of Microsoft Word.

The Cover for the Printed Book and the EBook

The only thing I have paid for is the cover which I chose a premade and I think they are awesome! $69 spent for the cover.I used This site’s prices start at $69 and it gives you a 300 dpi image for print and a 72 dpi. It only asks for credit inside the book, easily done.  I can use their text options but I chose to take the image, use  and then I used to put it all together. Both and are free to use.

Print Copy Shipping

I paid about $8 for the shipping of my two printed books from CreateSpace. Now, they first want you to order a physical proof copy but you can overlook that step if you like, as you do have to pay for the proof and the shipping. BTW I just got my two proof copies (I chose two) and see an error on the back of the book! Got to be very careful with editing.

Print Copy ISBN and barcode will give you an ISBN for both print and ebook formats for free as well as a free barcode. No need to go and buy them yourself (hundreds of dollars!).


I pay about $30 a month for to help me self edit my books. I think it’s worth every penny.


I am all about offering any book for free but Amazon doesn’t like that and the lowest in USD is $0.99 but I can choose five days, five times a year and make it $0.00. I do have the Kindle Lending so it’s free for people who belong to that.

So my first day, yesterday of twitter posts, blog post, reblog posts (THANK YOU!) gave me over 60 ‘purchases’ all free. I love that! Today there was about 9 but I’m just glad my book is out there. It isn’t my best work but it’s a good story. I confess I am scared of the feedback but also really want to find out what other people think!


Now back to caretaking, running errands that had me literally walking in circles and being a mom.

NEVER FORGET: Mental Health is just as important as physical health. Take care of your emotions and mind better than you take of your body!



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