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Please note that I am not looking for a publisher. BECAUSE I want to own the content of my books. AND I cannot make money due to my Social Security Disability. I worked for years and loved it. But I am disabled now. rimarily my Depression but I also have Myasthenia Gravis which showed itself slowly in 2015. Now, I can’t type or see every day but I do what I can.
CreateSpace, a part of Amazon, is a place I go to get print copies of my books. They have free templates too.
SmashWords has ebooks for free too, some are name your price, some have set prices.

Kindle Scout, a part of Amazon, is a place where you can recommend books to be published. But it also acts like a sort of ongoing contest amongst the recommenders, who can recommend books that will be chosen rather than not selected? If you nominate a book and it is selected for publishing, you’ll get a free copy to review.
URL: (you sign in with your Amazon account)

A place to meet other writers, workshop, and more.
Paid membership. I go here every day. Brilliant community. Found my way here from a contest.

Free membership. Once you join, I joined the over 18 membership, I got access to a database of places to submit your work. It has helpful tips about proper writing, forums and more. Check it out. (I updated website URL, but I don’t go here daily)

Publisher: Author Solutions (Penguin Random House Company)
Notes: Self Publishing

Publisher: US Penguin Random House Company
Notes: List of different publishers under this Company

Publisher: Curiosity Quills
They say they publish, “hard-hitting dark sci-fi, speculative fiction, and paranormal works aimed at adults, young adults, and new adults.” This page has tons of information.

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