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updated 3/24/17 – I leave reviews on amazon.com.


I love reviewing books. I’m weird, I admit it and adore it so it plays a factor in my reviews. Thus saying, I download tons of free ebooks from Amazon daily. This means I always have a rich stock to choose from when it comes time to read which I do every single day.

I read everything except Westerns, True Crime and War stories. I read Erotica, Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller, Dystopian, Romance (though limited Historical), Memoirs and so much more. Words are like pieces of chocolate, yummy and divine! Old reviews available on Amazon.com unless otherwise noted.

3/23/17: My profile on Amazon. Hope it leads you to my reviews.Colleen Michelle Johnson’s Amazon Reviews!

old reviews below

August 22, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: 13+
Recommended to Read: Yes, 71 pages
Genre: Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > Anthologies & Short Stories
Book Title: clean slate complex (a daynight story) (Kevin’s Books)
Book Author: Megan Thomason
Review:At first I wasn’t sure what this book was about. But then it looped back on itself and all the pieces, as much as you can gather in a short story, fell into place for me. I really enjoyed this book and will be watching this author for sure. Thank you for writing this short story and offering it for $0.00 because I will absolutely be purchasing your ‘daynight’ book and look forward to the next one coming out later this summer (2013)! Recommended for readers ages 13 and up due to a bit of kissing and some details not suited for under 13. I can’t say as I won’t post spoilers but it’s a great read. Don’t miss it! Fantasy, Sci Fi, somewhat dystopian in a twisted way.

August 20, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: 3+
Recommended to Read: Yes, 142 pages
Genre:Children’s eBooks > Arts, Music & Photography > Performing Arts > Film
#75 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Children’s Nonfiction > Arts & Music > Performing Arts
Book Title: Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien (Kevin’s Books)
Book Author: Martin Tiller (Author), Carla Tracy (Illustrator)
Review:I won a paperback copy of this book from GoodReads. This was a very fun book to read for my ten year old son and myself. We laughed and were amazed together as we explored Kevin’s vast imagination. We would both recommend this book for ages 3 and up. Younger children may not understand talk about aliens but older children enjoy it greatly. Even my 15 year old son read it and he won’t read anything. It’s a very fun story with fantastic illustrations. Thank you so much for making reading time at our house a happy time!

August 18, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: 18+
Recommended to Read: Yes, 142 pages
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Book Title: Fall’s Place
Book Author: Elyse Haldeman
Review:Excellent Writing with Flair this is an Amazing Thriller! I didn’t read the little bit about what this book was about before actually reading the book itself. When I reached 19% done, I had to go back to Amazon and read what the book was actually about. And it’s genre helped too. This is a very cleverly written thriller with special attention to details. You’re not a reader sitting on the couch or laying in bed in your own home, no, you are standing right next to Nate or Laura or in their minds. You feel their clothing and smell the hot coffee. The author worked hard so that the reader is totally immersed in this world and as things unfold, it just made me read faster and faster. This is one book that I had to read in one sitting. Not recommended for under 18 due to sexual situations either fantasized or actual in this book.

August 14, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: Everyone
Recommended to Read: Yes, 79 pages
Genre: Poetry
Book Title: Echoing Images from the Soul
Book Author: Ann Johnson-Murphree
Review:This writer is extremely talented with words, the arrangement and in verse. She see’s beyond just the normal sight we see in life and reaches beyond pulls the essence from that beyond and brings it to us in her beautiful poetry.

August 12, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: Everyone
Recommended to Read: Yes, 128 pages
Genre: See below
Book Title: Answer to the Riddle of 666
Book Author: Adam Soul
– Adam Soul (Biblical Interpretation, Commentary, Current Events, Environment/Conservation)
Review:Remove the idea that the number 666 is all about the Rapture, Armageddon, End of Days and other famous titles. Then add some basic yet earth changing principles of life for every soul on earth. This author takes us on an adventure through a completely different mindset about the number 666 giving biblical references to give his ideas strength. I think what this author has written should be read by every person who calls themselves a Christian. It is a nourishing book full of tremendous and huge global changes. I did not care for the part about controlling birth, such as the birth rate though I do understand how our world is getting larger every day and our fossil fuels reduce with each breath we take. It’s like staring at the sun, knowing it is our sun, always available to us then blinking. When you reopen your eyes, what you see is no longer linked to what you believe it to be. You see the sun differently just as people will see how the so called number of the beast, 666, is no beast at all but a product of mankind. Though I would rather believe in the Rapture and return of Jesus to us, Adam Soul combines the sciences we know with biblical references and gives us a look at this number that no one has ever seen before.

August 6, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: Everyone
Recommended to Read: Yes, 66 pages
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Title: Eggtooth
Book Author: Solla Carrock
Review:First let me say I won this book in a giveaway on Goodreads and I have read the soft paperback edition. I usually only read ebooks because of my bad eye sight but this was a gem. At first glance, from the front cover to a quick flip through the 66 pages of story, the book is numbered 1 through 66, I wondered what it was exactly that I had won to read. I held this book in my hands for two days, turning it around, flipping through the pages, reading about the author on the back and generally just trying to figure out exactly what I was about to read. When I hit page 10, I was immediately inside the story and I could not put it down. I took it with me when I left my house even though I was going swimming with my son, I didn’t want to miss a second where I could be reading this book. I stood in line at a fast food place waiting for my family’s order and held this book in my hands, my eyes glued to each word. When I finished it today, I had tears in my eyes. Tears of understanding, tears of humility, gratitude for life and pure happiness for Atoya. I first thought Atoya might be slightly autistic. But regarding this tribe of people, the birthing process is the first step into their world. For strangers like a regular human doctor to come into their sacred space of living, the forest (Think how well the people in the movie ‘Avatar’ were in tune with their surroundings) and change a time old tradition that would affect everyone for a very long time left me feeling negatively about our general population of people in our society today. Is nothing sacred anymore for us like it is for these people? The grandfather is fantastic in his endurance and patience and his continuous attempts to aide Atoya. Their passages called ‘Rashas’ reminded me of what penguins do but this book is very spiritual without being religious. The only science fiction aspect is something I won’t spoil but is interesting. I would not recommend for anyone to skip one word from this book. Every word is essential to understand the greater meaning behind each sentence. I loved this book and would recommend it for any age. It goes beyond creative and from the illustration on the front of the book by the author labeled, ‘birth’ to the plain white covers and simple title of ‘Eggtooth’, this book is anything but simple. Most books I see that are short have no substance and sell for a high price (anything over $0.99 is high to me) and you’ll walk away the same person you were when you picked the book up. For this book, you will never be the same again. I see the world differently and I cherish what I have, the loved ones around me and the idea of how life is so greatly different for every person no matter where they live or how they live their lives.

August 5, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: Everyone
Recommended to Read: Yes, 48 pages
Genre: Crafts / Gardening / Horticulture / Organic
Book Title: The Vegetable Gardening Guidebook: How To Grow a Food Garden That Can Feed Your Family and Friends (Gardening Guidebooks) [Kindle Edition]
Book Author: Will Cook
Review:I love to grow flowers and vegetables. I get very frustrated when my plants die, weeds overwhelm my planting areas and our area’s wells that my city buys their water from isn’t exactly the best. This book answered every single question I have ever had about composting which I will be doing. I only had one problem, the table inserts, while viewing via my Kindle app on my Windows 8 op system computer, I could not zoom in and could not read the tables that had important information. This book is great for anyone interested in gardening, even seasoned pro’s can find a nugget of good information or links or even references to further reading material in this ebook. This author also has a Facebook page linked with the theme of this book. I now understand the drainage factor of gardening and like that I can grow most things in pots that are easy to move around for sun, easy to water, easy to keep from weed overgrowth and more. I will be reading this book over and over as I determine what I want to plant next and when and how to start composting the right way. One more thing, along with exercise and all the good things the author wrote about why gardening is good for you, you also get the added benefit from the Sun. Vitamin D but be careful to wear proper gear for outside. Broad hat, gloves, boots in certain weather and don’t forget to smile.

August 5, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: 13 and up
Recommended to Read: Yes, 163 pages
Genre: Teen / Young Adult / Children’s Books / Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Title: Think Of Me [Kindle Edition]
Book Author: Lynn Murphy
Review:This book is written from the view point of a strong female teenager so if you are looking for a point on point dark romantic love story, this isn’t dark but it has romance and not for the teenager! I found it quite enjoyable because it brought me back to the stage of Phantom of the Opera and I think Lynn Murphy did a splendid job with this book. Sure there are some spelling errors and typos but most things made out of love are imperfect. The ‘clue phone’ inclusions were perfect for teens too, if you aren’t a teen yourself, have a child of any age and have no idea what YouTube is, then you won’t understand my review. The story itself was wonderful and I liked how it ended very well. It was easy to relate to no matter what age the reader might be. 13 to 102! Thank you for this wonderful tale featuring one of my great loves, The Phantom of the Opera. It left me 100% satisfied for the first time ever after reading a Phantom related book. This story is rich in details and I learned many things and just enjoyed a great read. This story takes you into the Phantom’s world while still being in present day. Understand that it’s not the original Phantom from the french author Gaston Leroux, so not so scary as ‘red death’. And it’s not set in an older age such as the late 1800’s but updated for today’s reader. I’ve read Leroux’s book and own an illustrated copy with beautiful pictures, I’ve seen the stage show, watched the movie (favorite version because the Phantom haunts me here), watched the anniversary special stage show, the oldest movie, “Love Never Dies” and read as many Phantom related stories as I can find. The book’s cover and title are original while still keeping the theme related to Phantom throughout the whole book. I think the author should start charging for this free book. Yes, it is well worth paying for! And the author did a fantastic job setting the scene and creating this wonderful world.


Date: August 4, 2013
********** Ten Star Review
Recommended Reader Age: Everyone
Recommended to Read: Yes, 13 pages
Genre: History (Non-Fiction)
Book Title: Fire: Trapped on the 4th Floor (Kindle Edition)
Book Author: Joe Corso
Review: Though this book has an estimated 13 pages, from the first sentence it was like I was standing right next to Joe Corso and reliving everything he wrote about. I could feel the heat of the fire, the frustration of waiting for something that would never come and the extreme anger at almost dying because the order didn’t come at the right time. And the end had me in tears. This is a remarkable story about men with hearts of solid gold, who put their lives aside to put out fires to save other lives. Teamwork and friendship and so much respect for one another is clear from the beginning. It gave me a glimpse into the life of a firefighter and I will be forever grateful that Joe Corso shared with us this story about the fire on the 4th floor and being trapped there. And how he showed us through his words that the will to live is strong, determined and heroic. Recommended reading age is for everyone. This really is something that should be shared in schools, like a required reading because yes, it is that special.

Date: July 25, 2013
Scorch Marks: IV out of X
Recommended Reader Age: 18+ for mature situations and sexual content
Recommended to Read: I would not recommend this short story, estimated 15 pages
Genre: Erotica but labeled as ‘Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Coming of Age’
Book Title: Rebellious Flirt (Rebellious Series) (Kindle Edition)
Book Author: Jillian Holmes
Review: I wanted a quick read before bed. I wasn’t looking for what this offered though. There is one spot where the author mixes first person with third person and then there are also typos like words missing to make a complete sentence. It’s a quickie book and offers just that for the reader. Thanks for writing this short story but I will not be a repeat fan. Also, no mention of the dog. Where did the dog go?
Last Thought: If the author fixed the typos and the mix up of first and third person and also added the dog in to the equation at the end, I would not recommend this book.


Date: July 30, 2013
Recommended Reader Age: 10+ for sudden deaths
Recommended Reader Age: 10 and up
Recommended to Read: Yes, 176 pages
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Book Title: Diplomat to the Abyss (Kindle Edition)
Book Author: Jeremy Davis
Review: I find Artie very adorable and dislike the CSA immediately. The lady from the CSA fires her weapon at poor Artie and he locks her up and she sees she’s got access to a computer so she tries to see why he hasn’t been making his quota on data transmissions but he wisely blocks her out of the system before she can learn too much. It kind of feels like ‘Star Trek’ about one vessel and ‘Lost in Space’ about another space vehicle. Yes there are mind bending battles in space where ships hover to save the planet below. They warp and twist and their shields go down while their energy dwindles and then, wow they manage to gather enough energy to do that thing they do and escape those nasty enemies always after them, always evolving and seemingly to be one step ahead of their own technology. Now the ‘Him’ is about who Artie communicates with. He was the sole survivor from his original crew and has made huge progress with ‘Him” the thing that decided to be called a ‘Him’ when it’s understanding of all the information inside Artie’s head was processed. It is quite out of this world and has so many positive attributes that one might think it was something other than what it is and even now, what it is, is amazing. I can’t use specific words for I don’t want to spoil it. Fun read, great details and well worth reading. Recommended for any age really but due to ‘sudden death’ parts, 10 and up.

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