My Books

These are the books I’ve published and then retracted to edit them. Due to my eye sight trouble, myasthenia gravis double sight, headaches and the like, my editing is slow.

Love Awakens and Phantom Ending have both been published but have now been removed from Amazon and all websites. Vampire King New Breed is also on hold along with one about a high school reunion reality TV murder show and maybe five others!

“Witches and Wizards, RETRIBUTION” which formed from a dream where I was running down a long hallway screaming for retribution because an evil witch had transformed my best friend from a person into a beautiful metal lattice looking cape. It has mature content connected to negative magic and features spells I created myself. This is now Witches and Wizards Trilogy. Book One is Asgrove Academy, Book Two is Power Rising and Book Three is Retribution. My covers are bought from

Book One in the Witches and Wizards Trilogy
Witches and Wizards Trilogy