Draft2Digital.com helped me get my book on B&N priced at Free!

Trying to publish my stories priced at free has been an experience! And a journey I am still trying to conquer.

Draft2Digital.com has made it possible, for free, to get a book on Barnes and Noble and Inktera (ePub) priced at free. I am hoping to get it price matched on Amazon to get it free there too. It is a short Erotica story I wrote that I am using to test so it has a bit more hurdles to jump then a non erotica book.




Goodreads and Smashwords (ePub, mobi, pdf and more formats) allows an author to make their books free and Smashwords gives you so many formats it’s crazy and all for free.

Amazon seems to be the biggest and hardest to tackle but I’m trying.

I used canva.com and it cost me a dollar for the cover.

If you know of any tips I could use to get my books priced at free at Amazon I’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much!

Yeah! Made it to Friday! Free books and twitter experiences

I have been so reluctant to really join with the Twitter tidal wave but alas I did yesterday and found a huge resource bonanza of help for beginning writers, established writers and everyone in between.  I was amazed to find that a ‘professional’ editor charges $2.00 USD a page , double spaced at a 12 point font with a minimum of some odd pages. And that was that ‘professional’ editor’s sale price!  I found three more editors but they belong to a certain website writers should visit.  Also I found KindleMojo a very interesting place you should be sure to check out! It’s free to join.  Then, here is a tweet: eprintedbooks.com/Jason  has an opening for one indie writer. Then there’s Indie Author Reviews http://www.indieauthornews.com/. And this one http://indiepromotor.com/ . I will have to start a special spot for editors. Here is one http://editingandebooks.com/ then don’t miss out on this site http://www.npr.org/books/ . Oh my but I will put that on my to do list. Twitter blurs my mind with all the possibilities and the way it reaches out through various social media and big name websites, celebrities, famous authors, indie authors, the unpublished like myself and sneaks in and plants a spike right in the middle of your life, one that intends to stay forever. At least you don’t have to feed it!   Ah here’s another editing helper http://www.pressque.com/ or here http://www.nationalbook.org/. Gosh I could go on forever. I have updated my pages 



I need to get on with editing my book but life is blowing me farther away from my goals. My kids go back to school next week and I hope I get plenty of time to get my first book in order. I only wanted one book but it’s too long as the industry seems to like 400 pages or less. And my story is way too above that.  Happy Friday my fellow Earthlings.Image