Tried Yahoo Msgr, helped one son with social crisis, Deleted Yahoo Msgr

While I was on Facebook a friend sent a request to Topface. I thought it was a game so I went to it only to find out it’s a dating kind of app. Weird one too. I wrote back to this one guy who wrote me and he seemed very green in the dating online realm so me being me thought to help him out a bit. But then I started to like him and I lost 3 weeks in between writing him because I was busy with life and afraid to face the mounting messages on Topface. Some of which were pointedly scary. I wrote to the guy and gave him my email address and he wanted to talk more via yahoo messenger which I do not do. I downloaded the program today yada yada yada and started to talk with him. Would you believe he acted like he knew who I was yet he had no clue. He must be on many sites or talking to tons of women because it took awhile before he could place me and THEN it seemed like he was ‘chatting’ with at least 5 other people since his wanting to talk turned into mostly a one sided conversation. This, people, is why I stay away from dating sites. One bad experience to another. Then my youngest son was having a crisis totally miserable and I tried to help him be strong and now I can hear happiness in his voice. Now my older son needs some help with his task manager on his pc MEANWHILE I actually got two full chapters edited. I know that’s a tiny number but for all my distractions, YAY ME! ROFL.