11/06/88 old poems I wrote when my mom was sick, I was 15

poems I wrote for my mom, on this piece of paper I just found. all crunchy and old, from a time when my mom was sick. It was addressed ‘Mother Dear’ and I was 15. how in the world did I ever think this went together?


patterns of gold

patterns of silver

which is more costly

the gold

or the silver

one is more richer

the other, more fancy

I choose the silver

because it delights me, all my love, Colleen Johnson

the sky is blue

the grass is green

you are you

I am me

we are special

each, in our own , together

forever, I hope

we shall stay

I hate terrible news. But this is just a waste.



My mom and I watch the bachelor and bachelorette, and I cried when I saw that Gia, a beautiful person inside and out, I mean she was perfect, so sweet, her smile made you smile, it’s a waste.  And the holes she leaves behind are there forever.  Suicide is NOT the answer. Please, if anyone is out there reading this and has these strong thoughts, I’m always here. You are NOT alone and nothing is ever ‘that bad’ to leave this world without natures way.  Please stay safe!