November is National Novel Writing Month, here is the beginning of my 50k story entry



People all over the world have been left wondering exactly who came up with the idea behind a new hit reality television show. The producers found twenty students who failed to attend their 25th High School Reunion in 2021 and threw them into a 30th High School Reunion Game, a reality television show with a twist of fear heavily laced throughout the season. As the nation watched the first High School Reunion Games reality television show which aired from Friday, May 1, 2026 until Friday, July 31, 2026, on which the winner was announced and shown, they gasped, cried, screamed and fought alongside their fan favorites as the show played out over a 3 month period of time or exactly 92 days. It was billed as ‘a reality television show much like Survivor with a bit of Big Brother thrown in and a touch of the scary from Fear Factor’. While the new reality television show turned out to be the most watched television series in the history of American television entertainment, it also gave the world a surprise that to this day, people can’t stop discussing. This American phenomenon has spread throughout the World with episode’s from season one airing in over 20 countries. The bottom line now is, it has left the world wanting more. Will your high school class appear next on this new hit reality television show, High School Reunion Games Season 2?

In a world where a new television series lasts 1.2 episodes before being pulled and replaced by yet another new television series that lasts maybe 1 more episode longer then turns to the internet to present the remaining previously recorded episodes, reality television shows are a dime a dozen. Every major channel in America has at least one successful reality TV series. Now competing amongst the big names such as Survivor and Big Brother enters High School Reunion Games. The first season both surprised and horrified American’s so much that the demand for a second season has been overwhelming for the network hosting the show. The world is using every tool at their disposal to send in requests including email and snail mail but also plastering requests over major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and submissions of thousands of images via Instagram and even more videos uploaded to YouTube. New pages dedicated to this new hit show and images from the first season flood the internet every day. America’s newest hit reality television sensation has found it’s place in American television history! 

High School Reunion Games, Season One: The Class of 1996, Franklin High School, CA USA Classmate Game Players: Dale Clarke, Aaron Johnson, Todd Hendricks, Zach Lee, Jason Schulman, John Berch, Chris Hammer, Sam Chang, Mark Dawson,Orlando Thomas, Jean Stanford, Michelle Xaviers, Nicole Landers, Anna Koppola, Christina Liu, Maria Sanchez, Caitlin Jones, Sarah Myers, Laura Apple, Becky Weaver.


The men carried her body in on a white stretcher. Neither men said a word to the disheveled man standing in the entryway as they carried their assignment to the medical room in the Safe House. The dark haired men moved as if they’d rehearsed their precise movements for months as they brought the unconscious girl into the empty room. They placed her on one of the many hospital medical beds scattered throughout the room and then turned around and left, again without saying a word or making eye contact with the man near the front doors.

In the Safe House, Dale stood frozen in the brightly lit hallway but for his eyes that tracked the men and their movements until they disappeared into the medical room near the end of the hall. Passing a hand over his face, Dale steadies his rapid heart beat by taking a few deep breaths. He waits until the medics have left and the locks engage on the front door behind them automatically. “Tara” he whispers. “Doors secured Dale” a feminine voice sounds throughout the hall. “Tara” is the Safe House’s Artificial Intelligence sentient. Turning away from the locked front door he begins to walk slowly towards the medical room pausing just outside the silver metallic door. He reaches out his left hand and finds the knob cold against his palm. Taking a breath, he twists the knob and enters the room unsure of what he’ll see but hoping it’s not something he can’t deal with. He sends a quick prayer up to God thankful for the time spent in the U.S. Army serving as a Medic. This game that sent 19 people or 20 including himself, from his old high school graduating class of into a sealed mansion hasn’t turned out quite like he expected. A game that challenges each person to escape through the one and only exit, by getting an object through a small hole in an otherwise solid metal gate that reveals itself once a day and allows only one shot per player per day. Such a battle of wits and strength to be able to get an item found in the Mansion to roll from ten feet away through that tiny hole. He managed it at the end of the first month. And now it seems she has managed it in the middle of the third month. “Looks to be a long game” he mutters to himself. “What a reunion. It’s great to see my buddies but to also end up alone in the Safe House with the one female I always teased and bullied more than ten years ago? He couldn’t help it back then, his feelings for her were too strong and it was the one thing in his entire life he had never been able to control. The things he did while in the Mansion! Shame fills him before he can stop it. He shakes his head to clear it before approaching the single occupied bed. “There are twenty beds, as if the creator of this game expected everyone to end up in one, which is just creepy,” he thinks to himself. He clicks the ON button to the screen behind her bed to see what events lead to her arrival. He tucks his hands into the front pockets of his well worn blue jeans as his dark gaze watches the game play out on the screen. The one nurse in the room rechecks the IV bags and then retreats to a hidden door on the far wall. He pays her no mind, keeping his attention on every part of the game he missed, watching who did what, and noting what caused her injuries. He pushes that aside for a moment in his mind as he gasps at her cleverness at what she used to escape the game. “Good for you! You listened to me. I didn’t think you would, not after how badly I treated you. Both then and now.” he says softly. He pressed the OFF button on the screen and it goes dark once more. He runs the back of his right hand lightly against her face. He loves her so much and hopes to be able to prove it. In the Mansion, in the game, it was everyone for themselves. To find food, to keep yourself safe, to create something to pass through that hole and be sent here, to the Safe House, staffed by one temporary nurse. “What made us sign up for something so stupid and dangerous? We’re just a test to see if this could be the next great reality television show. Look what they’ve done to you.” he leans over the metal rail and gently kisses her dry, cracked lips. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you and I don’t intend to ever let go.” he says as he pulls the white blanket down to her knees and then as gently as possible lifts the thin material of her medical gown, stained with blood. He sucks in a breath when he sees the bruises, scrapes, cuts and burns in her abdomen. Her upper thighs are covered in cuts too. He lays the material back down and pulls the blanket up to her waist. Then with nimble fingers he unties the top part of her gown , trying hard not to stare at her breasts while he inspects the damage to her upper body. His eyes go hard when he pulls the gown open to reveal the long cut that runs from her throat to her belly button. “That took balls. Damn. They tried to kill you. One of the stupid rules that I have grown to hate! “Should you end up killing one of your former classmates, you will get extra items for a greater chance at shooting it through the hole and escaping the game. To come here where safety is guaranteed, food is plentiful and everything is clean. Rule Number 13.” he mutters. He reties her gown and tucks the blanket up to her neck. Her beautiful red hair is matted with blood and grime. He goes to a closet and opens door after door. He wanders around the medical room to gather supplies for his tasks. The nurse is only allowed to set up the first IVs but after that she can do no more including no verbal, written or any other form of communication and must exit the Safe House. Another rule, Rule Number 21. “Guess they want to test how much compassion we might have for our fellow friends after cheating, stealing, brutalizing one another in order to escape the game. ” He puts his gathered items on a rolling cart and then pulls it near the top of her bed. He unlatches the metal railing so it falls down lightly. He pours bottled water into the pink plastic empty container and mixes a tiny bit of baby shampoo with it. Then he takes two of the white towels and tucks them over and under her shoulders. He places another under her head. He sits gingerly on the bed next to her and washes her hair being super careful. He grabs a fresh towel and GENTLY dries her hair. Then he removes all the towels and dumps them in the slot in the wall labeled “LAUNDRY CHUTE”. Her red hair glows around her and he smiles. He refreshes his supplies and begins to clean her face and then her neck. He continues until he’s washed all the dirt and dried blood off her body and then moves her to a fresh clean bed being careful not to get tangled up in the IV lines. “After all those wounds..” he says softly as he stands and looks at the three IV bags. “No wonder, Morphine, regular saline and something labeled ‘XXX’. That’s a cocktail for sure.” He turns and stares down at her again before lifting the safety rail back up with a click. Leaning down over the rail he whispers, “Your safe now. I’m here.” He pulls another bed closer to hers and lays down. He feels secure in knowing there are not going to be any new additions for quite some time. “Where there is a reward there is a punishment. Rule number 8. Should one or more individuals attempt to harm or kill another either working as one or in a group, each offender shall be punished to a blackout period of no lights and each players daily allowance of trying to escape by means of the hole will be withheld for a period of twenty days. Rule number 9.” Dale lays on his back, takes out the small remote control from his back pocket and attaches it to his wrist unit. He turns the large screen located above him, built into the ceiling, on. “Let’s check in on our classmates. This is one part of this whole mess I enjoy. I’ll start at the beginning, when we first entered the Mansion and then they gave us further rules we had not agreed to. Sneaky bastards. God look at us. Fools each and every one. Some of us ran off to find a bed and claim it. Others gathered at the liquor bar to drink some liquid courage. We all got in the heated pool completely dressed, all of us drunk from the triple alcohol content of the wine that no one thought to mention. Tiny twists in this game can be very bad. Ah, this is where the lightweights, like you, passed out. Look at Tom and Aaron work at getting those busty girls out of the pool, former cheerleaders I believe. Ah ha! This is when Jason, Paul, James and myself each went after you to get you out of the pool. What a struggle that was. But I won and laid you on one of the lawn chairs. I wrapped you up in one of the fluffy green towels. The green and white theme from our high school was everywhere. Then after a bit of wrestling with the guys, I took you upstairs to the double bed I had claimed earlier. I didn’t know where the bed was that you had claimed or if you had even claimed one yet but one of the girls brought your stuff. We were lucky because I ran for the beds first and found the one and only room with a door that locks. No other door locks in that place. I laid down next to you and held you close to me. And then, it happened. It was like a fine mist was sprayed in the room and it was a hell of a lot stronger than what they say exotica or Viagra. That stuff pumped up the male hormones in my body and I raped you, brutally too. Part of the time you begged me to thrust harder, raking your nails down my back and other times you cried and begged me to stop. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Time slipped by and that hunger could not be sated. When we couldn’t move any longer we laid there on the floor just working to breath. I saw the tears in your eyes and I am sorry for what happened but I have to tell you it was the best damn sex I have ever had in my life.” He returns his attention to the screen and rewinds back to the beginning. After the screen lights up he watches himself walk into the beautifully attractive Mansion. He watches every player enter the Mansion all looking fit and clean as if they’ve been invited to a regal party and not plunged in to a death match. He tucks his hands behind his head and continues to watch. Her soft breathing calms him as he watches this game play out. After he gets to the part where she’s earned her way out, he switches the screen to multi-mode with his remote and the ceiling screen breaks up into twenty smaller screens each showing a player somewhere in the Mansion. The ones left inside are in a total blackout as punishment. “You all look like green glowing ghosts. Sneaking around, trying to stay sane, trying to stay safe. You jerks better get used to this because you’ve got twenty days of no lights and in this game, light is everything for safety and survival.” he smiles to himself. He listens to her breathing and soon falls asleep. Always an insomniac, he can’t believe her breathing has lulled him into a state of sleep. His last thoughts drift through his mind, “She’s safe. This time, I’m not letting go.”