Mental health and Foggy Days & My first book is published and available on Amazon!

This Is Life

My son is in the hospital for depression. It’s been hard but his father drove me to see him on Saturday and Sunday. His 72 hour hold is over and he will be discharged on Wednesday.  It was one of the most hardest things I have ever done. To bring my son to crisis where he was taken back behind many locked doors by these very big men. Then they moved him by ambulance, totally strapped down from neck to feet more than an hour away.

Other than missing his handheld gaming system, food at home, and some other regular day comforts, he is doing quite well. I just pray that this is helping him as his life is just beginning and I need him to thrive while he survives.

On another note, our neighbors had a party last night and they turned their sound system all the way up. God says to forgive your neighbors but I found it hard because I already had a migraine and they do not care what time it is or how loud they are or to be courteous to thy neighbors. I called the police the last time they did this and they threw eggs on our cars. But on that occurrence their sound system was maxed out and on both times, the chairs we sat in vibrated from their pounding, swearing music.

My mom’s multiple sclerosis has not improved rather it is weakening her further. She couldn’t get pills down her throat without gagging so she’s wearing a cervical collar and it helps like magic! I am a caregiver to both my mom and grandma who;s leg was amputated in April of this year. I am a mom of two boys I love dearly and guardian of four cats that do not always get along and I am constantly cleaning up their messes as one overeats and up it comes while another overeats and makes a mess in both ways which can get pretty stinky, poor maine coon kitty. So furry. While our cat that overeats got bitten by another one of its siblings, I took him to the vet a week ago and he’s 21 pounds. He is doing much better now.

My happiest note is that I took my book I wrote for 2014 and I ordered the proof paperback and published it on Amazon!  I want it available as free so I’m going to have to figure it out as it would not let me do that. The lowest I could go was $0.99 and I am all about free books!

I will gladly send a copy to anyone who would be willing to write a review for me. This book was written in thirty days and edited in fifteen days by myself. It is just the beginning as I have one more complete novel that is my jewel that I am editing right now.

We have super foggy nights and mornings and I hope  that people drive safely! It didn’t rain but the cars drive by making that swooshing sound from the wet pavement.


I am going to give a paperback copy away in goodreads once I finish the proof.

Ethical Author, free ebooks from Amazon and no turkey


Through a blog I follow, I found out about being an ‘ethical author’. While I have always had strong beliefs in life, this organization came up with a perfect code of conduct.

Now, with finishing up, I am busy editing each chapter of my books, “Love Awakens” that I wrote for 2014’s writing challenge. I am using grammerly and editing this book chapter by chapter. With my role as a caregiver of my mom and grandma and being a mom to two boys and four cats, life can get a bit tangled for me. Writing helps me remain sane, or as sane as I will ever be!

My mom who has multiple sclerosis is getting her motorized wheelchair tomorrow which is a boon! She can barely hold her head up now even though we are doing her shots, it is frustrating to see her so frail! Then my grandma is still going to her physical therapy appointments like today’s, where she walks with her prosthetic leg. 80+ years and having had her left leg amputated above the knee only seven months ago, she is amazing. This holiday season will be blessed as she is no longer in clutches of the horrible pain she suffered for too long. She is a very strong woman, all of us are! Since I am now the chef and my carpal tunnel keeps me from being able to do many things, we won’t be having a turkey for Thanksgiving this year. I think we’ll go with a rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, black olives and gravy for those who want it. I am not a gravy person. I hate peas and carrots too. Thank goodness I can hide the peas and not serve them this year!

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Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good day! Only 2 more days until ends! Finish those novels!

Hey if you happen to be one of the people working hard to get to the 50k mark for National Novel Writing Month which ends on my birthday,November 30th, keep in going! Don’t give up now, you’re so close and you CAN make it.

Every person who’s written even ten words has a story within them aching to get out and be read by others. Shared and admired.  You CAN do it! I believe in you!

Remember they are giving away two free PRINTED copies of your book if you reach 50k (or over as I did) by Saturday!


If you just can’t get the words to flow don’t press yourself. There is always next year and the year after and the year after that.  You know what you are capable of and you should be proud of yourself no matter how much you’ve written.  I am 🙂

Image 2013 Winner YAY! I’m happy!

Okay so life has me stressed out so much I’m keeping my hair blonde to hide the white.  I’m wearing old ratty clothing because I feel like it and because they are comfortable, to heck with style.  I’m thrilled that I finished my goal for the 2013 National Novel Writing Month, and I’m a winner! Come December 5th, I’ll be able to order two free printed copies of my novel, No Longer Human.  A book with an ISBN number, a real book that I can hold in my hands, filled with a story from my brain, it’s so awesome.  shipping costs but hey I don’t care, I get two free printed paperback books. I’ve achieved my lifetime goal right before turning 40! Now my next goal is to get the whole BOOK series finished. Book one only has a bit of the whole story!



NaNoWriMo! Getting in my 1,667 words per day! & some free books, need reviews!

National Novel Writing Month is here. I missed Friday so I’m making it up today.  Will have 50k words by my birthday, the end date, November 30th.  It’s fun and I bought a usb flash drive bracelet off Amazon and though it tends to be heavy where the usb plugs into the other end, I like knowing my novel is with me. Especially when my last computer crashed taking my main book with it.  That one is on the back burner as I work on this one.  I like the challenge and I have some good people in my life who encourage and remind me to write!

Here is the intro for my novel in progress:


People all over the world have been left wondering exactly who came up with the idea behind a new hit reality television show. The creators,who are unknown, found twenty former students from Franklin High School located in California, USA, who failed to attend their 25th High School Reunion in 2021 and offered them a chance to play a game to win 5 million dollars. These people were thrown into a reality television show that would follow their every move and record every sound. It quickly became a show heavily laced with fear. As audiences from around the world watched the first High School Reunion Game reality television show which aired from Friday, May 1, 2026 until Friday, July 31, 2026, it soon became clear that this wasn’t merely another basic reality television show but something more like a horror show. Twists came from out of nowhere keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with most wondering how much of what they were viewing was actually legal. Some thought it was complete fiction while others enjoyed the competitions. Audiences gasped, cried, screamed and fought alongside their fan favorites as the show played out over a 3 month period of time or exactly 92 days. There was never any call in numbers to vote for a particular person nor was their ever aired any information on who created this real life drama series.

It was billed as “A Reality Television Show much like Survivor with a bit of Big Brother thrown in and a touch of the scary from Fear Factor.” While the new reality television show turned out to be the most watched television series in the history of American television entertainment not to mention other countries, it also gave the world a surprise that to this day, people can’t stop discussing. This American phenomenon has spread throughout the World with episode’s from season one airing in over 20 countries. The bottom line now is, it has left the world wanting more. Will your high school class appear next on this new hit reality television show, High School Reunion Games Season 2?

In a world where a new television series lasts 1.2 episodes before being pulled and replaced by yet another new television series that lasts maybe 1 more episode longer then turns to the internet to present the remaining previously recorded episodes, reality television shows are a dime a dozen. Every major channel in America has at least one successful reality TV series. Now competing amongst the big names such as Survivor and Big Brother enters High School Reunion Games.

The first season both surprised and horrified American’s so much that the demand for a second season has been overwhelming for the networks hosting the show. The world is using every tool at their disposal to voice their requests including email to virtually anybody they can connect to the series and snail mail but also plastering requests over major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and submissions of thousands of images and videos via Instagram. YouTube went down for a full day when it became flooded with so many uploaded videos their servers couldn’t handle the data. New pages dedicated to this hit show and images from the first season flood the internet every day. America’s newest hit reality television sensation has found it’s place in American television history! Will we ever know who is behind the creation of this show and will the answer ever come as to if it is truly unscripted reality drama or a show played by paid actors to look like it’s a real game, like Siberia.

Original Data: 3 months/92 days, Friday, May 1, 2026 to Friday, July 31, 2026, High School Reunion Games, Season One: The Class of 1996, Franklin High School, CA USA, Classmate Game Players: Dale Clarke, Aaron Jack, Todd Hendricks, Zach Lee, Jason Schulman, John Berch, Chris Hammer, Sam Chang, Mark Dawson,Orlando Thomas, Jean Stanford, Michelle Xaviers, Nicole Landers, Anna Koppola, Christina Liu, Maria Sanchez, Caleen Jones, Sarah Myers, Laura Apple, Becky Weaver

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The Strangers [Kindle Edition]

Patrick Roberts (Author)

184 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: October 23, 2013
CRASH! That’s the sound of Peyton Richard’s life as he’s confronted with destiny. Already dealing with memories he can’t remember and the struggle of balancing a personal life with a supernatural one, he finds a paranormal artifact that changed his life before he was even born. The bright side? He’s not alone in the fight. 
With friends and a deeply paternal mentor, Peyton has been CHOSEN to protect the world from the paranormal threats that seem to seek him out. The question is…what happens when destiny and free-will collide?


Wrath of the Fallen (Heirs of the Fallen Book 4) [Kindle Edition]

James A. West (Author), Darko Tomic (Illustrator)

287 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: November 8, 2013
After learning the shocking truth of the world’s greatest adversary, Leitos Valara must gather an army strong enough to defeat the Bane of Creation. He has few warriors to choose from, and most are unwilling to stand with him. But the final battle between humankind and demon-born will be fought, even if he must face the wrath of the Fallen alone.


Rubato [Kindle Edition]

Jennifer Hatcher (Author)

304 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: July 13, 2013
Unwilling to prey on the lives of others to maintain her own longevity, Sloan Pascal leaves the community of supernatural beings where she grew up. She is adopted by a loving family and has a chance at a normal and happy life until one night she loses control. 

Considered unstable and potentially dangerous, Lucas deGuille has been a pariah at school since his well-to-do father left him and his mom. A genius and a musical prodigy, Lucas seeks comfort in music and in the love and traditions of his mother’s people. 

Sloan’s past threatens to destroy the lives that both she and Lucas have struggled to build. Together they must determine what is truly important and learn to depend on a strength that neither of them knew that they had. Through it all they will learn that love, like music, can transform lives.


Exclusive Love (British Billionaires Series) [Kindle Edition]

Sorell Oates (Author), Book Cover by Design (Illustrator)

152 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: November 8, 2013
Stuck in a small town working for a small newspaper, Katy, 23, longs for a break from her mundane work as a junior reporter. Her big scoop comes with dating website The elite company demands women earn $100,000 to be eligible for online membership to date single British millionaires in the USA. Shocked that money CAN buy you love, Katy goes undercover to investigate. 

Sent to the New York office to rescue the failing American branch of his family’s international communications company, billionaire Oscar Woodruff, 35, is swamped by female admirers. Unsettled, lonely and disheartened by the sea of Gold-Diggers, Oscar resorts to boutique dating website Exclusive Love to help find appropriate dates interested in him and not his bank balance. 

With a fake profile online, Katy crosses paths with Oscar and the pair embark on a whirlwind romance. Perfectly matched, the relationship blooms lighting fast. Connecting on all levels from love to lust, the couple can’t get enough of each other. But spending every free moment together, it’s only a matter of time before Oscar learns of Katy’s undercover job. Will her web of deceit to achieve national recognition as a credible journalist tear Katy from her British Billionaire? 


This one looked interesting!


An A to Z of Creepy Hollow Fae [Kindle Edition]

Rachel Morgan (Author)

103 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: November 8, 2013
Before Violet met Nate, the human boy who followed her into the fae realm and turned her life upside down, she was the perfect guardian trainee. She followed all the rules and did her best to protect her human assignments. Goblins, ogres, trolls—Vi learned how to handle them all. 
In “An A to Z of Creepy Hollow Fae”, catch a glimpse of some of Vi’s past assignments, and experience the life of a faerie training to be a guardian. 

***Includes the first five chapters of THE FAERIE GUARDIAN, first novel in the Creepy Hollow series***


Madly (Book 1) (Madly Series) [Kindle Edition]

M. Leighton (Author)

53 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: November 7, 2011
*This is a novelette that introduces you to Madly*

Madly is your average nearly-eighteen year old girl—for a princess, that is.

Madly James is thoroughly enjoying her internship in the small town of Slumber when the unthinkable happens—there’s a prison break in Atlas, the magically-protected home of Madly’s race. A traitor has set free eight Lore, the spirits of what humans know as fairy tales, and they are making their way to Slumber to awaken their descendants. 

In order to save her home, the lives of her family, and all of humanity, Madly must learn to wield her exceptional powers and recapture the Lore before it’s too late and all is lost. But Madly’s only help are her two best friends and the Sentinel, Jackson Hamilton, that threatens both her heart and her destiny. Madly has loved Jackson as long as she can remember, but he is the one thing even a princess can’t have. Can she resist love to become the queen she was fated to be? Or can she find a way to have both?


HECHIZO DE SANGRE (Enemigos Oscuros1) (Spanish Edition) [Kindle Edition]


39 pages IN SPANISH

Book Description

Publication Date: November 7, 2013
Hechizo de sangre es una apasionante novela que combina elementos sobrenaturales, románticos, e intriga. Este primer libro presenta la saga: Oscuros Enemigos. ¿Podrías enamorarte de tu enemigo? ¿Serías capaz de desafiar a todos por luchar por tu amor? 
Si tu respuesta es sí, esta es tu novela: Hechizo de Sangre. 

Marc vive en el tranquilo pueblo de Sayville, cerca de Nueva York. Estudia medicina y se ha enamorado de una nueva vecina. El misterio rodea a esta preciosa muchacha. Un día descubre que es vampira, pero ya es demasiado tarde, se ha enamorado irracionalmente de ella. 
Por otra parte, su aparentemente normal familia le esconde terrible secreto: él no es tan normal como cree. Ese secreto hará tambalear el amor entre Sasha y Marc ya que los convertirá en enemigos. 

Marc no imagina lo trascendental que es para el destino de los humanos, los vampiros y el resto de criaturas sobrenaturales que pueblan la tierra. 
Ayúdale a descubrirlo… 

¡Esta apasionate saga repleta de vampiros, magia, amor imposible, e intriga, te cautivará!


Firmament: Radialloy [Kindle Edition]

J. Grace Pennington (Author)

215 pages

Book Description

Publication Date: June 6, 2012
The year is 2320. Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father, a starship doctor, but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past. When her father mysteriously starts losing his mind, she finds that she can no longer count on him to guide or help her. With mutiny breaking out on the ship, and two factions desperate for a valuable secret she holds, she must race to help her father and herself before time runs out.