(Post only for mature 18+) Research for several books I’m writing can lead to dark places

I wrote several short stories that I left on my computer and forgot about for a long time. I decided to take a break in editing my witches and wizards book and go back to my erotica book a friend asked me to write, yes a long time ago. I needed to find some answers to specific questions on anatomy, function, performance, facts vs. urban legends etc. I found there is a very fine line out there and if you enter the slightest word into your search engine you can easily end up on sites you never thought existed. And the internet has taken terms I learned as a kid and recycled them into new phrases, memes etc. So weird.Look at the word selfie! That is so crazy! I mean crazy weird.

Some of these sites are geared toward the human appetite that thrives on taboo subjects. Some are people playing out taboo subjects. To each his or her own but for one thing. There are a ton of bombs that you can encounter doing innocent searches. I found out way more about certain subjects than I wanted to while other information was greatly appreciated. I love animals, reptiles and always wish to protect them as I did when I was a kid. Find a lost dog? I was the girl to wander the neighborhoods trying to find it’s owners. I even to this day, save snails but draw the line on slugs most of the time. So when I found myself staring at pictures I could not process I thought of the animal’s point of view. Does any one of those people ever thing of the animal first? When humans take into their care an animal, reptile, bird etc., we are caregivers and family. The things some people train animals of all kinds to do boggles my brain. There I was looking for certain terms to use in place of other language I was trying to avoid and I stumbled my way on to and out of dark places on the internet. It made me sick to think of my kids seeing what was on my computer screen so you bet I cleaned those things off my computer screen quickly.  I’d wash my eyes too if I could. But I am a very curious person and even now I am wondering why, what makes people think to use animals in risque ways? I’m not talking about dressing your dog in a skirt or your horse with a straw hat.

Then there is the line that grays greatly between smut, erotica, taboo erotica and words I refuse to post.

Ugg. Blah. Now to banish the dark places and keep writing my story with the help a few sites that were picture/video free.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read ‘The story of O’ and I know a lot about BDSM but only because it was part of a novel I’ve wrote but have not published yet. My research for the scenes my mind created was interesting and I want everyone to have a life they appreciate and hobbies or fetishes that thrill them. Good for you! When I was younger I played around with this with one partner but that was a long time ago. I cannot write stories that are real life things.  They always have to have an element of science fiction, fantasy or paranormal. Anything I start to write always ends up with one of these elements taking over my stories. I stumbled across a regular register lady (correct term? my brain is too foggy to remember so sorry I mean no insult), well she works at my local grocery store  and she said a fellow came in and called her a ‘MILF’ so of course I had to google it.My my what a spicy life there is out there! Oops. Wish I didn’t. I’ll go with the yahoo answer of “Momma is Lookin Fine.”

Okay I feel better.Now if only I could get the laundry done, along with the dishes and so much more instead of writing my stories, I’d get ahead of my chores. I have changed this blog post to not be shared on facebook and twitter.

It’s for other authors and writers who find themselves in similar states of mind as I have because of research. When we write with the intent to publish, we must make sure there isn’t another title out there just like ours or characters and scenes exactly like ours. It is so important to ensure our writing is fresh!

One thing to think of. Don’t judge someone because of what they write. The human imagination is a crazy and amazing thing. I just ask for compassion for animals. And an eye rinse that won’t burn my eyes right out of their sockets.

I have always been a big supporter of helping authors get reviews on their books. I’m still that way. It is very important for the writer to have feedback and for the reader to express their experience! Thank you!

I made this on lunapic.com
I made this on lunapic.com