2013 Winner YAY! I’m happy!

Okay so life has me stressed out so much I’m keeping my hair blonde to hide the white.  I’m wearing old ratty clothing because I feel like it and because they are comfortable, to heck with style.  I’m thrilled that I finished my goal for the 2013 National Novel Writing Month, and I’m a winner! Come December 5th, I’ll be able to order two free printed copies of my novel, No Longer Human.  A book with an ISBN number, a real book that I can hold in my hands, filled with a story from my brain, it’s so awesome.  shipping costs but hey I don’t care, I get two free printed paperback books. I’ve achieved my lifetime goal right before turning 40! Now my next goal is to get the whole BOOK series finished. Book one only has a bit of the whole story!



I love GoodReads! I won a book my 10 year old son can’t wait to read!

Great way to start my Wednesday!

Okay so my ten year old is actually nine but he’ll tell you he is ten and he will be ten in October and he figures he’s ten now since it’s already 2013 and entering fourth grade!  The book I won, which I entered the now closed giveaway is for him but of course I’ll read it too! He just read the preview outloud and he can’t wait to read the book! I am excited to see him excited about a book. I’ve been trying really hard to find one he could be interested in and right away after I mentioned this book, he jumped up and down and said “I want it!”

Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien (Kevin’s Books, #2) 
by Martin Tiller (Goodreads Author)