Welcome to nightshadelane. So named after the street I grew up on. It is the site of my young self and teenage years.

So much life lived and lost.

You see, my father died in the garage in 1997. Though the house looks nothing like it once did, its memory is forever engraved upon my heart.

Happy thoughts and very sad memories.

I am a mother, a writer, reader, gamer, movie lover, tv show addict, Doctor Who fan, Phantom of the Opera lover and so much more. Music, dance, entertainment! I love tattoos 🙂 (Snake on my back, black panther on my left ankle, & more needed!)

I have myasthenia gravis. I have asthma. I have vocal cord dysfunction. I have memory loss. I have depression. I have anxiety. I have ADD. My teeth are shifting and hurt every day. My right eye is green and my left is part brown. I am a quarter Chickasaw Indian. And more but the thing is, though these could be my labels, they aren’t me.

I am strong for what I’ve lived. I am dedicated because it is the right thing to be.

Final thoughts. Life is not a choice. You must live. It is how you live that you control. The kindness to others, love and attention. Dedication. Checking out early is not an option. I tried it many times in the past and I am here to say, don’t be foolish. Don’t take the easy route. Don’t leave behind people whose soul’s are shredded with loss. You matter. For the sole fact that there is not another you in this world. The universe needs you. Stay, heal, get better, live, love, learn to smile.