Welcome to nightshadelane. So named after the street I grew up on. Life was lived, loved and lost. It easily resembles 2020 and 2021 with turmoil and so much grief.

I am a mother, a writer, reader, gamer, movie lover, tv show addict, Doctor Who fan, Phantom of the Opera lover, The Crow film (original) and so much more. Music, dance, entertainment!

I do not like ventriloquists, or Wizard of Oz.

I love tattoos!

Snake on my back for my Uncle Greg who was lost and never found.

Black panther on my left ankle for my father who died because we didn’t understand depression and all its horrors.

I have myasthenia gravis. I have asthma. I have vocal cord dysfunction. I have memory loss. I have depression. I have anxiety. I have ADD. My right eye is green and my left is part brown. I am a quarter Chickasaw Indian. Though these could be my labels, they aren’t me.

I am strong for what I’ve lived. I am dedicated because it is the right thing to be.

Final thoughts. Life is not a choice. You must live. It is how you live that you control. The kindness to others, love and attention. Dedication. Checking out early is not an option. I tried it many times in the past and I am here to say, don’t be foolish. Don’t take the easy route. Don’t leave behind people whose souls are shredded with loss. You matter. For the sole fact that there is not another you in this world. The universe needs you. Stay, heal, get better, live, love, learn to smile.

June 2020, I lost my Sweetie. Now I have her ashes. Life is not the same.

Colleen, August 2014 and Sweetie
On October 19, 2020 I lost my Grandma. Natural causes. (Left leg amputee) And I inherited her cat Sheba.

Book Cover Artists or Designers however you wish to see it, are amazing. Some put up covers for hundreds of dollars that aren’t worth that much money. I have a good eye when it comes to appraising artwork and finding errors in books. Just not that good at finding errors in my books!

I have published Phantom Ending for the final time. It is missing its table of contents but I am done with fighting the system. I am editing the paperback version. The ebook was created using Kindle Create. I do not like this software. I have been out of writing and how things work for so many years.

I have also published Sia’s Magic which is a retitle of Love Awakens with a new cover and updated text. This is also the final edit in ebook form that I will do. Both these books were my first adventures in writing, getting the words out of my brain and onto paper or in a computer file.

I have a ton of stories.

Vampire King needs a final edit with what i could recover after I lost so much when my last laptop took a lot of my work with it when it refused to work. Data recovery did not recover all files. Luckily I had emailed my books via kindle and would then need to dicctate them out of my iphone and into a file.

Magical Soul is a retitle of Witches and Wizards of Asgrove. It has not been published yet. It was written way before all these academy books flooded the market. It needs a final edit.

Elemental Warriors (Guardians book 1) needs to be put together and editing. It is my biggest work and will take many books.

Weeping Angels needs a final edit. This is my only book without any supernatural flavor. It is also a horror story with a ton of triggers in it. That is just how the story wanted to be told.

Reunion Game needs a final edit. I have had this story for so long!

Shifting Intentions, Destiny Unbound, Blessed the wolf within, Ashes, Theo Grimm, Sias and Cilla Claimed, Wicked Contract, Midnight Reaper, Blood Claws, Damon’s Rise, Dire Desires, Cold Heart of Fire, Blood Oath, Sacrifice, Dark Curse, Painful Heart, Convert Fail and a few others are in the writing process.

The rest have concepts and are awaiting my attention.

Book Cover No No’s for me. No red hair. No red dress. No full white moon. No facing away. No partial body features like a leg or an eye. No funky eyes (cross eyed, eyes looking in different directions, it happens way more than you think it would.

I also write as Lucky Kyxx. Erotica. I am sad that my first two ventures into this land are still out there in their first format which is aweful!