My books

I have found some amazing book cover designers. And I have found some very bad book cover designers. Be careful when choosing a designer. Make sure they are professional and won’t duck out on you.

I am in limbo. i thought by now we would have moved and I’d be writing up a storm, but the housing is overflowing with houses for sale. With interest rates continually rising it makes it harder on buyers.

Book Covers by BRoseDesignz, Ammonia Book Covers, Gab Soliven, Galileo,  Cover design by Danny B Creative /, Betibup33 design (, Ob Si, JV Arts, R.F. Kenney, Cat Cover Design, Tammy Thomas, Covered Ink Covers, Эвелина Киндинова, Tina Glasneck, RDH Book Covers, Cover Art by Spellbinding Designs, Averi Hope, Dexpress, Sharon Brownlie, Kattalea Ross, Veronique, Valdas, Kuro Ishi, Vickie Adrian, Galileo, Jay Bernard, and Karen

Works in progress

The following books have been published on Amazon March 2021 and are available free through Kindle Unlimited!

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