There is more to me than offering help to others, there is me

There is me, what I forgot was within

I’ve not stopped to think

There might be more of me

I’ll know it when I seek it

Because even blind I’ll feel it

Moving through me

That voice that calls to me

Deep from within

So silent and so dry

Blind Blind Blind

Empty for so long

Just a moment more I’m sure

It might be just a song

Or a great river of my tears

That have gathered greatly through the years

Can I shed the shell I live in

Will I ever be free of me

Or do my days end with dust’

As my eyes close one last time

Were the tears worth shedding

Were the years worth wasting my life away

Doing this and that for everyone but me

So stuck inside never ever to be free

Wind will blow and clouds will drift

My soul floats away all alone today

What might tomorrow bring me

Can I even stop to hope

Or should I keep my spirits low

So alone yet life flows around me

My heart stutters and flutters

With apathy

Just me, blind and alone
2013 Colleen M Johnson

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