Breathing, Depression and free books ;)

Life brings moments when you feel there isn’t any air left to breathe but you’re wrong, there is always air, always something you can find to hold yourself up and keep going. In a day, month, year so many things can change so slow down and breathe. Depression can be so dark, it can suction all the happiness, joy, light and laughter out of your soul in seconds, if you let it. Long ago, I let it. I wasn’t strong enough to fight it. Well, let me say that I am stronger, I have learned how to brace myself for moments when that big black hole opens up and tries to pull me in. It is possible to have a life after depression because it never goes away. I can laugh at times and I’m a busy caretaker of my family members and mother of two active boys. Nothing is impossible. Nothing. You can turn your back on that depression that is pulling you down and insist to yourself that yes you can do this. Anchor yourself. To a pet, a child, a memory, a flower, a bird something and I mean do this mentally, like with my younger son he is my anchor. His smile pulls me away from the darkness, his hugs keep me rooted to this reality. I’m sad about Robin Williams yet I know that pain. And I survived it and so can you.

-Colleen age 40

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