Got the domain but can’t polish it without more $$$ and publishing rants

I just bought today. I’m disappointed that I can’t navigate this site as well as I usually can. This domain is named after the street I grew up on and miss. I might publish with it as my whatchacallit? Pen name? ‘By Night Shade Lane’ or ‘By Colleen Michelle Johnson’… So on to my publishing thoughts. I wanted this site because I felt it would be good to have it as an information site as I get my first book ready to publish. I’ve got one company calling me and emailing me asking for thousands of dollars to publish my book, which I say, “No thank you.” There are assorted rights for the author by choosing to self publish or take the route of sending queries to Literary Agents who then might be able to lead me to a publisher.  I’ve visited which allows you to search through lots of Literary Agents and I’ve seen a few I really admire right off the bat. I watch the top 100 books for free and paid on every day including the genre I am expecting to place my books in. I look at the book covers, the comments, the book lengths, as much as I can to help myself figure out where I might find my niche. My one biggest problem while editing my manuscript is my over use of the word ‘I’. It is totally making me bonkers. I spent so much time on photo stock websites looking for the exact images I wanted for a cover. 🙂Image

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