A Sunday of tears, smiles, laundry and reaching out to others!

Reading posts from friends on Facebook. Scary things happening in this world. Wish I could put safety bubbles around people to keep them safe but then we’d need bigger everything. chairs, cars, bus seats, imagine! Unless you could shrink the bubble to be like, a second skin but still keep you safe and alive.  Who’s the genius in the world today who will patent this idea? Someone has had to think of it way before little ‘ol me.  Laundry, one child playing his PS3, laughing, arguing, shrieking, yes he shrieks, and so much noise coming from that room. Happy day for him.  Shrieks, laughter, groans and yelling from my older son’s room as he loses a game and gets mad, then gets a new game that will connect with one of mine and we can play thanks to his Grandma, now he’s happy too.  That liquid in the hummingbird feeder gets very hot sitting in the sun, they still drink it but talk about a burned tongue and yes Hummingbirds have tongues.  I got so close yesterday I could see one swallow.  Of course the one with the red at its throat zoomed at my face and for a moment I feared it pecking me then I just stared in open curiosity before it went to the feeder.  I was cutting the roses, the yellow ones, right next to the feeder.  So beautiful.  

I couldn’t stop the tears as I looked through songs on youtube trying to find appropriate ones for a friend in need.  I wish everyone could send up a positive prayer for my friend Terry and her brother who REALLY needs it. Help ease his suffering and open God’s arms for him. Help Terry have the extra strength she needs to get through this. Amen.

I’m not posting any free books today from Amazon. Instead I will post a link and you can view 100 free books in the Literature & Fiction genre. Start at one and work your way around. http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Kindle-Store-Literature-Fiction/zgbs/digital-text/157028011.

I am currently reading several books and will be posting reviews on them soon. Such awesome writers, I feel so blessed.

Hugs and personal space bubbles to everyone!  Colleen

p.s. Help an author with a review is SUPER important to me. Go to that page  here https://nightshadelane.com/help-an-author-with-a-review/ and check out books still needing a review. I check them each day to check their prices always looking for free but many free change to priced over time. Get them while you can!Image

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