A morning nightmare for a mom, reviews for authors and AA New Leaf

Yesterday was horrid. My older boy refused to get out of bed thus missing his bus.  Says he’s sick but also is upset about current events at school.  Called Dr. they said they wouldn’t see him for a note for school. Who said I wanted a note? I yelled out loud alone in the car on my way home from dropping my younger son off at school 20 minutes away. I said terrible things about that person at the Dr.’s office who told the Dr. I wanted a note thus barring me from getting medical help for my son. Got home talked to my son, figures he ISN’T sick.  Took him to school, went to the grocery store to stock up on food for both boys (limited amount, money is tight right now), came home, put groceries away and got in bed. Stayed there for the whole day until it was time to go pick up my younger son.  I figured if I was in bed with the sheet over my head, nothing bad would happen.  Glad the rest of the day went smooth- well, as smooth as can be expected.  It is so much FUN being a MOM. I love my children and will forever, no matter how much gray hair sprouts from my head. On hot days it’s nice to get lost in a video game with my boys, Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Hugs and personal bubbles, Colleen



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  1. Well Hon, welcome to parenthood and I am sorry to have to tell you that there will be times when you feel the “downs” come more often than the “ups”. This being the last week of summer, I have my three grandchildren; twin girls 9 and a boy 12, they have been wonderful. But, the heat in Wisconsin is terrible, being from Alabama it transports me back home. Two days in the pool, but it gave them all colds so now I have coughing and sneezing going on. Wednesday was a nose bleed, lasted almost two hours. I finally called a nurse, who was wonderful (so they are good people out there) she said it would stop! It did! Then to gymnastics for the girls, the 12 year old is a writer as well and we came home and went to our respective rooms to work. The girls babysit with my four legged companion Mason. My point in this is that when they are showered, fed, and give me that goodnight hug it is all worth it. I totally understand the “fixed income” you are not alone, know that there are those of us that support you and that you are a person I admire. Now, if we could sell our work, right! Have a great day, and a great holiday weekend. “hearts” Ann

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